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tallard 08-21-12 11:26 AM

Michael Bryant killed Darcy Sheppard
A couple of years ago we had a very intense discussion about this event, but I can no long find it, it seems to have disappeared?

Bryant has now published a self pity book about his dealings with his own alcoholism, boo hoo, lucky he was not brethalised after the ramming of Darcy! I posted it here:

He was being interviewed on CBC radio this morning, a few snippets:
-spotted the drunk cyclist streets before the events, recognised him as a "fellow drunk" with "issues"
-states he kept stalling his car over and over again... but wasn't drunk, right.....
-Darcy died by banging his head... (his own!!!)
-Wouldn't change a thing about his behaviour, would do same again
-Has not apologised to Darcy father, shows no remorse, "he was scared, it was "just" an accident"
-stated he was treated worse than "average Joe" by the police in this matter... funny, he wasn't breathalised, and ALL charges were dropped by the foreign legislator who handled his case, me thinks "average Joe" would be in JAIL for ramming a pedestrian against a Canada Post Box!
-states he no longer has a "life plan"... but this book and interviews stink of a political come-back plan to me

I wrote a crappy little review-warning about it on

lucille 08-21-12 04:21 PM

Video and transcript of the TV interview is here:

tallard 08-21-12 10:06 PM

I think it's pretty important that we not let that ridiculous book of his spread more lies. Everyone needs to stop into and debunk his BS

tallard 05-23-13 07:11 PM

Darcy Sheppard's father holds a press conference with evidence of how this case was mishandled and justice thwarted.

DX-MAN 08-24-13 08:45 PM

I followed that case almost from Day One; I agree with you, Bryant was an ass, a craven coward, and a liar.

Whatever Darcy Sheppard's troubles were, he didn't deserve to be bounced off multiple obstacles until he died.

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