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Boudicca 01-08-13 09:21 AM

Toronto east-west bike lanes?
So finally they will study something that makes a certain amount of sense. But will they think things through properly on an east-west bike lane plan for Toronto? One obvious hole is that there won't be a clean link to the St George path. What else will they need for things to work?

jyossarian 01-08-13 11:36 AM

How many pages does the study have to be if it costs $634,000 and takes a year to create? And how much did Toronto pay for the original plan that proposed a north-south route that doesn't intersect w/ the east-west route? I rode Adelaide today and w/ construction closing the right lane, it was quite interesting to have to shoulder check, then hop over trolley tracks.

jyossarian 02-13-13 10:22 AM

Top 10 Streets that need bike lanes. Yup, they need them. Whether they'll ever build them is another story. They always seem to be "studying" the issue which really means, we don't want to tell you "No", so we'll tell you we're "working on it".

Dan Burkhart 02-13-13 11:29 AM

Out here in the 905, the north/south routes are more of an issue. Going east west is no problem.

ironhands 03-07-13 09:01 PM

how well respected is the jane st bike lane? I was considering biking to work, but was hoping the sidewalk as a viable alternative. Tackling Jane from major mac to 7 with no experience doesn't seem like a good idea, and there aren't really any side streets in that area, with Wonderland, and Vaughan Mills on the west, open fields/train tracks to the east. I'm guessing it's a brutal stretch, considering how often I'm nearly hit just walking.

lucille 03-23-13 07:47 PM

Ironhands, don't know the area but Imp would suggest you ride your route on the weekend, when there's less traffic to check it out. If you feel uncomfortable, don't do it. Getting hurt is not worth it.

Riding in the area of highways is always a bit dodgy, you have to take the lane and watch carefully for drivers that will overtake you and right-hook to enter the ramp. Expect it and remember that you have as much right to be there as they do.

Riding on sidewalk is not really legal, as far as I know. However, in the area of the highways, there's usually nobody on the sidewalks, so I would take it if you're uncomfortable in the lane, but if there's somebody walking, make sure to go slowly and give them right of way.
I'm not sure where your work is, but there's always an option of taking the bus with your bike for part of the way and then cycling.

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