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rgpg_99 02-11-13 07:31 PM

Aluminum rack mod: recommendations?
I have an Axiom rear rack ( and I would like to have it modified. I'd like to have a vertical piece welded to the rear of the rack, one piece on each side, so that I can attach a water bottle cage to each piece.

Since the rack is aluminum, I'd need to find someone in Toronto (or the GTA) who does aluminum welding, and that you would recommend as the right shop for the job. It's not a difficult mod, but the pieces would need to be straight on each side, well centered, etc. so that the bottles don't end up slanted, uneven, etc.

Let me know if you have someone you could vouch for.

rfielder 05-07-13 01:16 PM

I don't check here very often, so just seeing your message.

Did you get anything done?

Having something welded might be the lightest solution, but not the only. Using some aluminum stock from CTC, Rona, etc, I think something could be fabricated that does not need welding. Bolt on only.

Exactly what would depend on the type of bottle holder, but I think that if one were to use one that has holes in the base, the bolts that hold the bottle holder on would also be the bolts that hold the support to the frame.

Of course, the easiest way would be a saddle bag or other type of bag. That way, your water bottles are not in direct sunlight, and you could use it for other stuff if required.

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