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jengel 03-03-13 06:35 PM

Bromont Velo
I live in Vermont, have raced at the NE Velo in New Hampshire which has closed. I'm about 2 hours from the Bromont Velo. Any info would be appreciated. What are the license requirements. I'm an old fogy Cat 4 here in the states.

I rode on the track in Moncton right after it got a new surface. Great velo.

dramiscram 03-12-13 08:37 AM

There's two thing at Bromont: there downhill that you have to buy a ticket the ski station, all the infos are here:

And there's also the bike path Estriade that connect with other bikepath that goes thru Bromont and that can take you across the whole province (almost) some info here :

dbc 03-12-13 07:19 PM

I believe OP is asking about the Velodrome. I have no info, but I did take a peek at it last year out of curiosity.

dramiscram 03-13-13 07:32 AM

I forgot that there is a vélodrome in Bromont.

It's in french.

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