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CycleDig 04-29-13 01:54 PM

Seeking a Cycling Adventure; East Coast Anyone?
Anyone looking to go cycling on the East Coast in late July? I'm coming from Ottawa and thinking about taking the train out to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, anywhere my bike will take me really.

(Or, maybe along your journey if you have one in mind.)

Give me a shout.

cholera 05-16-13 12:58 PM


I had a similar idea for a vacation this summer to take the train out to Truro, car service to Pictou, ferry over to Prince Edward Island, and cycle the rail trails all over the island. I've got a folding hybrid so I think it would be well suited to the train and trails. I'm very early in the planning stage, ordered an information package from PEI tourism. Not sure yet how much I plan to ride per day, where to stop or stay, all the important stuff.



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