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little_dawn 05-15-13 08:46 AM

Bike Repair Shops in GTA
Hi all,

It's been a while since I've had access to my bike; I'm now looking for a well-recommended bike repair shop in the Greater Toronto Area or even further north (Markham, etc) as I'm trying to get the wheels on my road bike checked/replaced (I believe I got a puncture since they never stayed inflated).

My other question is whether it is advisable to get hybrid wheels on the bike as I would be using it for sport/exercise and occasional commuting in a city. In any case, is there a particular wheel type/brand that is also recommended?



Note: The search function on the forum was not working for me. I apologize if this question has been asked/answered already.

Boudicca 05-16-13 09:43 AM

Bike stores I could recommend are more the downtown ones, I'm afraid. I like Urbane Cyclist off Queen Street.

On wheels, unless you have a seriously high-end road bike, the wheels it comes with will be fine for sport/exercise/commuting. And the type of wheels you put on a bike will be determined by the type of bike it is -- most road bikes just won't have the clearance for the fat-tired wheels you get on some hybrids.

If you want more detail, you might want to ask about the wheels on one of the more active forums -- commuting forum, perhaps. We're a slow lot over here.

Good luck.

Spudd 05-16-13 10:39 AM

I'm not sure where you live. Pretty much any bike shop will be able to repair a flat tire for you. If you give us more details that could help.

Additionally, I would recommend learning how to fix a flat tire. It's really quite easy, and there are lots of YouTube videos that explain step-by-step how to do it. If you ride your bike regularly you will get flats!

cholera 05-16-13 12:48 PM

Hi, I personally had a good experience last month with Bikes on Wheels in Toronto (Queen & Augusta). I was also in Sweet Pete's on Bloor (Annex area) and the service guys there were great to talk to, although they didn't have capacity at the time to accept my bike (no appointment, I was a walk in.)

The only one I can recommend in the GTA that's outside of the Toronto core is Mobile Bike Shop. I think the guy is based in Newmarket, but he'll come to you. I've bought some parts through him (I needed a Montague dealer) and his price wasn't any higher plus he was very responsive.



little_dawn 05-20-13 06:13 PM

Thanks all; found I a shop.

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