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GTizzy 07-23-13 11:24 PM

Stolen Goods Alert? Toronto bike warning (with Uncle Jacob)
Hi Bikeforums:

This is a sort of public service announcement for Toronto:

I'm currently living in China, and have been searching Taobao (Chinese equivalent of ebay) for bike equipment.

I recently discovered a re-seller from Toronto who sells vintage bikes to the Chinese market.

If you look at the photographs, you can identify that the shop where these bikes are photographed is Uncle Jacob's bike shop on Spadina south of College.

There's been some concern over the years that Jacob fences stolen bikes. It occurs to me that by selling to China, Jacob could bypass a lot of scrutiny.

If you've had a bike stolen, it might be worth investigating whether it's getting fenced by this seller to the Chinese market

Thanks, and enjoy the Toronto summer!

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