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emmruffle 08-13-13 10:55 AM

Close destination to Ottawa for beginner bikers?
My boyfriend and I want to travel together for the first time, but our funds are low. We decided to bike somewhere and stay in a campsite or cheap hotel, and explore a city or town.
We live in Ottawa, Ontario. Are there any good stopovers we should consider? We're only looking to travel for a day or two, and we're considering Montreal. I've been to Montreal several times already, so are there any hidden gems in southern Ontario/Quebec I should know about?

lucille 08-13-13 12:20 PM

How many kms do you plan on riding in a day? Day or two is not a lot, if you want to cycle both ways. You can ride from Ottawa to Montreal along Ottawa River, it's a very nice ride, took us three days one way.

You could ride one day along Ottawa River to Parc national de Plaisance (, camp there and come back. It's about 60-ish kms one way. You could go on one side of the river and come back on the other, but keep in mind that Quebec side is busier with traffic.
Would that work?

calyth 08-15-13 03:21 PM

I don't know if they're gems per-se, but if you want some fairly short mileage, Fitzroy / Rideau River Provincial parks are around 45km - 55km from Ottawa.

Boudicca 08-23-13 09:29 AM

Kingston is quite pretty, and has lovely ice cream shops. Bike friendly too.

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