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rgpg_99 08-17-13 05:29 AM

First High Park Cycles, now Dr. Jamie's Bike Clinic
So, apparently Dr. Jamie's Bike Clinic in the Junction area in Toronto has also closed, following the closure a few months ago of its neighbor, High Park Cycles.

It's ironic that the old guy from High Park Cycles (Jon Bunco or Jan Buco) went to work at Dr. Jamie's Bike Clinic after his own shop was forced to close. Buco's end was not surprising, given the way he run his busines and his (lack of) customer service skills. It seems to be what worked in old times in the old world (was he Latvian, Slovenian, or something like that?) did not work in Toronto in the 21st century.

Dr. Jamie's Bike Clinic seemed to be doing ok, though, not precisely thriving but doing business as an outlet for police auction bikes.

As I walked by his store I saw most of the bikes and tools were still inside, and there was a bailiff's notice saying the keys had been changed by the landlord and the premise and all its contents had been taken possession of. I was wondering if a future auction was in the works.

Then I saw this ad on Craigslist at 973 Bloor St. (, where they have a bunch of older bikes in the backyard up for sale. They are the same style as what Dr. Jamie's had (I paid them a visit), and I was wondering if there was a connection. The person at the store front (e-bikes) didn't know much about the bikes, so I couldn't ask.

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