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Dan Burkhart 10-15-13 04:35 PM

The enemy might not be the driver,
It may be the pedestrian.

jyossarian 10-23-13 10:50 AM

Good thing she doesn't drive. With her misplaced sense of superiority, she'd be running everyone off the road AND the sidewalk.

The enemy could also be the city government: What happens when cities say, "Let's build some bike infrastructure" instead of saying, "Let's form another committee to review the last committee's bike plan".

and it could also be ourselves (or poor quality): Cyclist severs femoral artery w/ his own bike.

ironhands 01-15-14 11:47 AM

Nobody cares about pedestrians. Not a week goes by when I walk that I don't nearly get run down by people pulling up to the curb instead of the sidewalk without checking, or worse, turning right on a red and only looking into oncoming traffic.

ricklp 03-05-14 06:48 PM


That was published?!?!? Wild.

I do believe that stop signs should be yield signs for bikes, but I also believe that bike riders must obey the law.

That being said, she is psycho.

When I have ridden in Toronto, the amount of stress caused by just trying to survive the idiots around me cause me to be a tad more agitated that usual, and I can be high strung. BUT it was wild that a reputable newspaper published that.



koolerb 03-05-14 07:23 PM

Sounds like the bike lanes could have been better planned.

MattzCer 11-30-14 02:38 PM

Would be nice to see some more bike lanes , but I do not think this will happen

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