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velowallah 11-02-13 05:27 PM

best touring in Quebec or Ontario?
I live in Ottawa and am looking at a bike tour more or less locally next summer. I am considering the Gaspe peninsula for the mountain and ocean views, but am worried about the truck traffic there. How bad is it?

Any better route to suggest? I am thinking also of a loop Ottawa-Mont Laurier-Montreal-Ottawa, mostly on quiet roads and bike routes, but the scenery might be a little dull...

Erick L 11-03-13 01:14 PM

Truck traffic in Gaspésie isn't bad at all. Most trucks are on the south side, where there's a good shoulder as it is the official Route Verte. The northern side before the hills has a shoulder as wide as a lane. Most hills have two lanes going up and one lane and a shoulder going down. There are a couple of spots without shoulders and only one that's a bit iffy, which is entering the town of Gaspé if you're going clockwise). I closed the loop via highway 299 which has hardly any traffic at all. I'm not familiar with the other routes across the peninsula. Highway 198 has some truck traffic but you won't be riding there.

It's an amazing tour. Be prepared for steep hills. Make sure you have time to visit Forillon park and the gannet colony on Bonaventure island (from Percé). The loop from Ottawa is nice too but doesn't compare to Gaspésie.

velowallah 11-03-13 06:18 PM

When you say the trucks are mostly on the south side, do you mean on the 132 from Perce to Campbelton to Mont Joli?

I was thinking of leaving from Quebec city, so taking the 299 would seem like a big detour, going up straight north again. There doesn't seem to be anything in terms of any service on that road either. I've driven the part from St-Anne to the Parc and didn't find it particularly appealing.

Erick L 11-03-13 09:54 PM

I meant the south side of the peninsula, from Campbelton to Gaspé/Percé. There villages are bigger and the roads are flatter so that's where most of traffic is, but it's hardly a problem. It's the Route Verte and there's a good shoulder. I thought you wanted to do a loop around the peninsula.

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