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2702 10-17-16 12:11 AM

What winter tire do you use on your ebike?
I recently almost wiped out on my 45mm semi tread dual purpose tires and junked them for these.

I have 47mm front and 37mm rear. The 47mm for better cornering and 37mm for lower rolling resistance although I feel the 37mm rear was a mistake since being an Ebike the motor just rolls no matter how heavy the tire is.

Wiping out or close was seriously scary with a heavy ebike its like you have to think about the bike and all that foward moving weight down low. Took me a couple of days and I thought it was worth the money to get tires with more tread.

chas58 10-17-16 08:22 AM

I have always wanted studded tires, but didn't want to pay $100 for them.

REI just had a sale, where the Nokian Hakkapeliitta W240 was only $45 each, and the W160 was only $30 each. I'm gonna give these a try. A patch of black ice can do enough body damage to keep me off the bike for weeks. I bike just isn't like a car.

Good tires are important, and with a good tire, the size of the tire will not hurt rolling resistance. Interestingly, rolling resistance is LESS with a larger tire (I'll skip the physics, but it is due to contact patch shape and sidewall deflection). Bigger tires are heavier though. I use the biggest tire possible (30mm gatorskins on my road bike, and 54mm wide tires on my mountain bike).

Great info on studded tires: Studded Bicycle Tires

Necco2001 10-17-16 10:47 AM

Having lived in Albuquerque, I'd venture that studs would be overkill, they really are for places where snow sticks around, melts, freezes and remelts leaving frozen slush and ice. Basic knobbies work well in snow, but if you want a true snow/winter tire, something like this is just the ticket.

continental bicycle Top CONTACT Winter II Premium

Or these which are winter-ish

Another maker of studded tires.

45NRTH | Unparalleled Cold Weather Performance

chas58 10-17-16 01:53 PM

The problem is that the snow melts and then freezes, creating icy patches. Especially if it melts, dribbles across the road/path and then refrezes. I've gotten beat up pretty bad running across these things on regular rubber.

Yeah, if it is dead winter and stays below freezing, good deep lugged tires work OK on fresher snow.

allan6344 10-19-16 06:19 PM

In my area of the NW we don't get snow very often but we can get morning black ice conditions for about a two month period if the weather conditions are right. I tried the Continental Top Contact Winter with my road bike but I did not notice much difference from a standard tire. I was surprised how fast you go down if the front wheel slips. A couple of years ago I found a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tires on sale during the summer and the following fall/winter we had a two week stretch of icy mornings and I was glad to have them. I got a pair for the e-bike but I have not used them yet.

350htrr 10-19-16 06:41 PM

IMO, having ridden in the snow and ice of the North. Any winter tyre without studs is a MAJOR FAIL in a winter bicycle tire... JMO

2old 10-19-16 07:32 PM

Hit black ice once on Thanksgiving Day (in socal, no less) and went down fast on 2.1 MTB tires. Agree it that's a concern, studs.

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