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shabydog 01-19-18 06:59 PM

Desperate...which display is fully matching?
I am trying for few days already finding A display for my ebike.
I need A display that does not matched to A spesific controller.
For example - when I search on Aliexpress(I want to order from there) I see many times "for KT controller"
But...As my controller is some chiniese stuff with no name - I need something that works fully with almost any controller.
If you can please advice me...if from your knowledge or expirience - would be great!

Doc_Wui 01-19-18 08:32 PM

An LCD display is around $50, while most 20-25A controllers are about $25. I would say you're better off buying a second controller with an LCD display as a pair, as opposed to rolling the dice and hoping that an arbitrary display will work with an arbitrary controller.

And you might even have a controller that isn't compatible with any LCD display. There are plenty of these. My first kit is like that, and I like it that way. I put on a $10 bike computer to tell me speed and distance, and that's all I need.

KT controllers with the LCD-3 display are pretty nice, in my opinion. Many will take multiple voltages and I like the way one can use pedal assist and throttle.

shabydog 01-20-18 04:51 AM

Hey @Doc_Wui
What do you mean "second comtroller"? using another one??
If do, I still prefer keep it simple and using just one that in the frame.

Regarding your recommandtion: Where can I find KT controllers?
Could not reach them.
When I serached for "KT controller" on eBay or Aliexpress I got only the display's that the sellers say's that the display works with KT.

Thanks very much!

Doc_Wui 01-20-18 09:21 AM

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If you already have an LED display that shows battery level and pedal assist level, an LCD display is just an ornament. You won't get much new information. The KT LCD-3 give speed/distance/time, outside temperature, battery indicator, pedal assist level, battery voltage, and current power being used in watts. After a week or two, you only care about PAS level, and speed/distance, but an inexpensive bike computer where you put in the wheel circumference is more accurate.

If you like gadgets that are inexpensive, you might consider a wattmeter. These will also tell you the battery voltage, and current. It calculates amp-hours and watt-hours, except I have found only Amp-hours is accurate. It is wired in-between the battery and controller, and cannot be mounted on the handlebars because the wiring is too long. I use them to measure the amp-hours my bikes use, and then I can evaluate the quality of my various batteries. Probably $15 USD on Aliexpress.

In your other thread you wanted to upgrade the motor. What is the top speed of your ebike now? If a new controller/display cannot help that, and you will have spent $100 USD for no imporvement.

MikeyMK 01-20-18 11:32 AM

People are too worried about rogue Chinese stuff - the e-bike stuff is pretty organised. One common issue is PAS sensor compatibility, as different manufacturers can't decide on male/female plugs...

This is the KT-3 you're on about, it works with most modern Chinese controllers (mine is by Risunmotor). I got this off ebay. The plug it uses is generic, white with five wires in a straight row. Seems like all the current Chinese controllers of 36v/48v have a plug for it, as other LCD displays also use the same plug.

I really like it. It has a few quirks, but can be quite well customised via a long list of parameter settings - tutorials on YouTube educated me on these.

shabydog 01-21-18 12:03 AM

Actually, At the same time that is does not showing properly the speed - the display is just too big the display
You definitely right about that the these simple speedometer that we can see on MTB bikes are the most accurate.
PAS level: I dont use PAS. I dont know why the mechanic did not connect it or disconnected it.
I do like gadgets. even very much. but on this case I just prefer A device that will give me the basic details:
* battery level
* speed
* distance per single use.
Thank you

I've seen this device A lot where I live and on Ali/eBay.
This is what Am I looking for...But problem is that they required A matched to controller.
The on I have is "one of A kind" :lol: that can work with almost any controller.
Thank you.

Controller + Motor are just A generic ones from China.

unterhausen 01-21-18 08:30 AM

I know it's hard to help the OP with so little information, but if you feel so frustrated that you feel you have to insult him, that is against forum rules. I cleaned up the thread a little.

OP, if you could attach a couple of pictures of your controller, that would probably help.

I searched for KT-3 ebike display and found many hits

shabydog 01-21-18 09:07 AM

Hi unterhausen
Thanks for joining and for made the right required act.

Regarding the display you gave here: I dont know if I have a KT controller at all.
I will try to open the frame in order to bring more details...what do you need to know?

unterhausen 01-21-18 09:50 AM

I think you need to take a pictures of any connectors, particularly if there is nothing hooked up to a connector. But any picture of the controller would help

shabydog 01-21-18 04:35 PM

I opened the controller box.
I did not want to pule it out as everything was very tight there.
At the next 2 days I will visit my store so they will take A look into this and will give me the info (and/or I will take a photo)
I'll keed you updat here.
Thanks A lot!

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