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Greenedge CS2 or Decathlons Rockrider E-ST500??

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Greenedge CS2 or Decathlons Rockrider E-ST500??


Old 10-11-18, 08:48 AM
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Smile Greenedge CS2 or Decathlons Rockrider E-ST500??

Need help to choose an ebike around 1000. Mainly for cycles round the coast and the odd commute to work.
I have been trying to narrow it down for days looking at various ones but I need someones advice who knows their stuff.
The 2 in question are:
Decathlons Rockrider E-ST500
Greenedge CS2

I was also looking at the Cyclotricity bikes. I just don't have a clue. But I'm fed up thinking about it, I just want to buy one. Can anyone help? Or if there is maybe one in my price range that I haven't looked at that maybe someone would recommend??
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Old 10-11-18, 09:03 AM
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Since you're in GB, have you tried pedelecs.co.uk?
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No Expert ..


I've been through several weeks trying to make a similar decision. Where I live it's very undulating terrain and mainly forest tracks and I wanted some electrical assist to help when I'm out riding with the OH on horseback. On the loose/steep/long uphill sections, I always end up left behind and I'm normally spent by the crest. She's already rested and ready to go, so no letup for the next section. It's hard going, but you eventually pass a line where it's no longer fun ! Hence the electric bike idea.

I honestly didn't know how effective it would be. Would a 250w motor push me and a bike up hard rocky gravelly trails or through the mud or soft gallop trails, repeatedly, or would it not make any difference due to the extra weight of the bike, or would the battery be dead after 5km's in the real world of repeated steep and long climbs ?

After lots of uncertainly and questioning if I'd be better waiting and spending more on a base haibike for instance, I went for the Decathlon e-sp500.

I've only had it a week, so I can't give you a thorough long term view on it. But in the short term, wow, it's everything and more that I could have hoped for ! On the flat and easy sections I generally have assist on 0 (off), it doesn't really seem that much different or more difficult than my normal bike. First time out with the horse and our first steep section up gravel where I'd normally be left behind I tried assist 1. Amazing, it was like someone strong grabbed my saddle and gave me a shove. By the end I felt like I'd had a good ride, legs were pumped, breathing up, but I'd stayed with the horse. The next hard section was steeper with a mix of rock, gravel, mud with old washed out ruts. Halfway up on 1 I was flagging a bit and the horse was starting to pull away, so I went for 2. A second strong person ran up behind and shoved my saddle and we stayed with the horse.

It does have three assistance levels, I tried the third briefly uphill yesterday just out of curiosity, it followed on similarly and was like a third strong person joined in with the shoving whilst running. I think it would have to be really steep, really long or I'd have to be really tired to use 3, but it's nice to know it's there if you need it at the end of a long ride or helps make the decision to press on further into the hills or turn back.

So far I've been averaging 1% battery use for each km travelled. (I'm in France, so KM's by default). That would obviously vary enormously on how you use it, as I say, I generally have the assistance turned off unless I feel I need it to keep going. For me and this type of riding, I'm really happy with my decision. It's simple, easy, effective and does everything I want. The brakes are mechanical disks, but seem fine for my purposes. The motor's hub not crank, but does everything I want from it. It's a lot heaver than my mountain bike, but once on the move, it's not as noticeable as I was expecting.

It won't be for everyone, but for me and that kind of riding, it's great.
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