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edwong3 10-14-19 09:36 PM

Originally Posted by Rick53 (Post 21163232)
I would imagine Trek will offer it again Soon. The Marketing Person for Trek Mentioned 2020 DSE's in Their latest Video Introducing The New Alliant Series : Plus there are 2020 Models of the Dual Sport Electric Online . Of course not in the USA. One was Denmark and the Other Australia > I assume like it was with 2020 Models in Other Bikes : They are made available in America last

OK, well I hope you won't have to wait long. When you finally get it, the satisfaction should make it worthwhile.:thumb:

DougG 10-17-19 02:41 PM

Originally Posted by Rick53 (Post 21162998)
Hey Thanks : I'm actually waiting for Treks Dual Sport style in Electric to come back out : My sources Tell me that's sometime Prior to Spring . So if I purchased a Class 3 is there a Registration Requirement ? I'm wondering how they would Moderate it. I live in West Michigan AREA . So we have a variety of Trails VIA torn up Railroad Track. You can Travel easily 100 Miles North and 50 Miles South . Without ever getting off a Trail more then a city block. What I need to do is find a Store Either in Michigan or a Nearby State that is a Full Stocking Dealer : Hard to find in Winter Wonderland Areas : Thanks for the reply

I also liked the DualSport+, but thought (typically Trek) it was definitely overpriced for what was there. For the same price, I've decided on a Vado 4.0, which has more features (such as app-adjustable power tuning) and just seems more refined in its design. Plus, it's a Class 3 in case I want to go that fast. Class 3s aren't technically allowed by default on trails in Michigan, but who's checking?

I'm in SE Michigan and we also have a good and growing network of trails, but not as extensive as you west-siders. I do happen to live right on the Clinton River Trail, which is part of the Great Lake to Lake trail that goes all the way across the state from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron (currently with some connecting routes on roads). I just wish I were younger so I'd have more time to explore all the trails that are opening up everywhere!

shepherd1 10-22-19 01:31 PM

It's funny that you mention power. Yes, I believe that they dropped the power for 2020 to 20 mph, the 2019 do have the Class 3 designation with the 28 mph! Why did they do that?? I ask.

restlessswind 10-22-19 02:49 PM

Originally Posted by shepherd1 (Post 21175220)
It's funny that you mention power. Yes, I believe that they dropped the power for 2020 to 20 mph, the 2019 do have the Class 3 designation with the 28 mph! Why did they do that?? I ask.

It's a 28 mph, class C bike. I know. I'm the OP. I have one.

veganbikes 11-04-19 12:10 AM

Wearing out/breaking a chainring or chain or cassette cog is NOT covered under warranty. I tell my customers don't keep it in turbo mode and the harder gears all the time shift like a normal bike (as in not under load unless you back off significantly) and use the different levels more often. The problem with the lower cost drivetrain systems like the 3.0 and below is they really aren't great at handling the loads being put through by an e-bike and for commuters and regular riders and that isn't ideal. So the best thing to do is baby it a little more and be careful and then replace it with Deore or above and stick with more e-bike specific components. Also like with any bike but especially on e-bikes keep your drivetrain clean and properly lubricated and replace it regularly which for you and a lot of folks like you will be every 500-1000 miles or so.

Unfortunately with the Specialized spider other chainrings are hard to mount flush on it but potentially if you got a 104bcd to 110 or 130 adaptor (like TiCycle's sells) you could get a Surly Steel Chainring in 50t and have a harder gear at the front so you might spend less time in the 11t cog at the back. You would also want to replace chain with something like the KMC E9 EPT and a new cassette would be good as well. Luckily nice 9 speed cassettes still exist but you don't see them much OEM anymore as 9 speed has been mostly relegated to mid to low end gruppos and is going down as we march forward into 12 and 13 speeds. However with the nicer stuff and hopefully some better more thoughtful shifting and maintenance you might get a longer life out of things.

If you are wondering I do a lot of warranty work and sell a lot of Specialized e-bikes and have seen a lot in these past 5 years selling their stuff. If a chain/cassette failed in a short time not from poor shifting or damage caused by the rider then there is a potential for coverage. However this is just a worn out drivetrain used with likely poor shifting (under your own admission).

oldguy47 11-11-19 02:48 PM

powerfly 5

Originally Posted by restlessswind (Post 21155723)
The phone isn't required to be mounted and monitored while riding. It's a setup only.

have you looked at the Trek Powerfly5? just ordered one for my wife.

restlessswind 12-16-19 02:08 PM

Just updating the review of my 2020 Vado 3.0...

I've hit the 2000 mile mark. I still have a quiet chain and haven't needed to lube it yet. After the initial break-in of the spoke true, I haven't had any true issues either.
I'm averaging 80% battery drain on a 17.5 mile commute at about 22-23 average mph, turbo 100% boost on both slidebars (Mission control app)
If I take it on a leisurely ride, I can ride 30-40 miles with less than 50% battery drain. (15% boost and up to 100% only as needed for incline assistance)
Very steep hills are not a problem at slow speeds, lowest gear. 100% assistance.
I found that both Axiom and Ortlieb QR panniers work well with the rack.
The fork-mounted headlight is very bright, but it constantly losses it's aim (pivot will not tighten securely)

Rocky1405 01-05-21 07:16 AM

Originally Posted by restlessswind (Post 21023809)
It's only $2700.
Specs are lacking on Specialized website. I test rode it, and really liked it. Seems to handle hills, but what's the realistic range?

I have been riding my Vado 3.0 for three years and I have 7500 miles on it I just upgraded the battery to get more range - I love this bicycle it gets me out of the house and put fun back in the riding and Iím 78 years old and Iíve been riding since I was five - this is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. Itís well-balanced and handles all kinds of different road surfaces well - tire choices are excellent for stability.

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