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PreacherG 11-07-19 02:00 PM

Controller Question: I assume in modern e bikes with a LCD display or PAS switch, that is the brains, or controller for the system. Can these be swapped? For instance, will a LCD display work on a system that came with a simple PAS switch? Can the number of PAS settings be changed by swapping controllers? Can throttles be added this way? How about motor cut off with proper brake actuators?

I find bikes I like, but they are missing a function or two that I want. So can they be upgraded?

Ideally, I would like an e bike with 300 watt or larger motor, at least 5 PAS levels and a thumb throttle. Also disc brakes with motor shutoff and a controller / LCD which displays odometer, speed, battery level, and PAS level. Either rear or mid drive. Multiple speeds. Either 20" foldable or 26" cruiser. I would like to stay in the entry level, under $1,000 price point.

Models I have looked at include Nakto Cruise and Nakto Camel and a Green Bike USA GB3P

2old 11-07-19 03:32 PM

I think there's a ton of bikes that will satisfy your requirements, but I know you'd like to see an example so go to ebikeling --- $899 delivered (AFAIK) for what you want with fat tires no less. My only experience with them is a front hub kit that was purchased about six months ago, and worked perfectly. Also, a real person answers the phone.

PreacherG 11-07-19 09:37 PM

Thanks, two. None of their bikes list brake shutoff in the description. Many bikes fit all bit one or two parameters. Nakto Camel is fine, but only 3 PAS and caliper brakes. Nakto Cruise looks good, but description does not include throttle, yet the pics seem to show one.

That is why I asked if some of these missing items could be added.

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