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fly135 11-07-19 07:37 PM

Road bike vs Electric Mountain Bike
Recently got a HR sensor, so I decided to do a direct comparison to the kind of exercise you can get on both. Both rides were the first 10 miles of a 20 mile ride. I rode about as hard as I could on both bikes.

Road Bike: GT Tachyon with 700x25c tires 100+ psi. 25lbs
Electric Bike: iZip Dual Suspension eMTB with 27.5x2.6 tires 45psi. 52 lbs

The eMTB has a mid drive motor running in EMTB mode which detects torque on pedals and produces a variable multiplier of your effort.

The chart is from the Strava app:

fly135 11-07-19 07:43 PM

BTW, the horz lines on the Heart Rate "seems" to be labeled incorrectly. They look like they should be labeled with the avg HR, not the max. I think that the label is the max, but just looks like it's the avg because it's next to it. And it's kind of obvious that the graph should peak at the max.

There was a long thread on here wondering if you could get the same level of exercise on an electric bike as a regular bike. I think the answer is yes. There are caveats, like what kind of ebike and how you set the motor assistance. But the bottom line is if you want to push yourself, it is possible to do that on an electric bike.

linberl 11-07-19 08:11 PM

That is my experience, too, although not quite so scientifically documented. I can tell by how sweaty I get, lol. And I can most definitely work up a similar sweat using the motor as a minimalist assist and not a moped.

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