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chrisstratton 11-07-21 09:49 PM

Good vendor - TSDZ2 500W kit?
I'm thinking to convert my 7d Electra Townie with a TSDZ2 mid motor. I like the concept of the torque vs cadence control, and believe that 500W should be plenty as my home turf is in FLA, and 16mph is plenty of speed. I really don't need a throttle control, and would like to be able to ride this in parks. Can anyone recommend a good kit and vendor? Any other advice?

andychrist 11-07-21 11:01 PM

Iíve had good luck ordering from Greenergia. Havenít purchased their TSDZ2, but ordered a BBSHD from them and it arrived promptly along with all the correct parts Iíd asked for.

You should also get an ebike chain to go with that kit. AFAIK the 9-speed KMC are all sold out right now.

chrisstratton 11-08-21 06:33 AM


Doc_Wui 11-08-21 06:57 PM

IF you've followed the long discussion on open source firmware to run the TSDZ2, you can buy a motor with this firmware from EC0-cycles.It has menu programmable options for many features. I've considered buying the controller/display only.

Also a US seller of the stock motor.

chrisstratton 11-08-21 07:24 PM

Thanks - I've got a call into Eco Cycles.

skookum 11-08-21 08:23 PM

I read somewhere ( endless sphere?) that Tongsheng is about to introduce a new model. I don't know if that is something that will affect your decision.

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