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2flit 01-28-22 11:16 PM

Quest Velomobile electrification
Some pictures of an electric conversion of a Quest Velomobile using parts from an out of business supplier in Portland, OR
Velomobiles are sore footed on steep grades and this one was used on a hilly commute with 2,000 feet of vertical gain on a daily commute. The little guy would coast down hill at 70 mph (clocked by the sheriffs's radar gun) but climbing at 3mph was a bit slow before the motor....
At PIR in Portland OR.
Front shifting and drive ring, The chain broke a few times until we switched to high end chain
Motor This drove to the main chainring assy. so we had all the gears available to the motor
Side view
Looking forward with top fairing unbolted. Amp-hr display on the left could be swung out of the way, This became usefull the one time I was pulled over.
Peddles chainrings drive gear and motor looking forward from seat
On the road in Portland, OR

At PIR in Portland, Or.

2old 01-29-22 02:06 PM

Nice job; 70 mph must be exhilarating that close to the ground, since 35 seemed pretty rapid to me on my e-bike slightly "higher up". Funny thing (to me), it doesn't feel that speedy off road on an MTB.

surveyor6 01-29-22 09:15 PM

Looks complicated, but fun. How much did the velomobile body cost?

2flit 01-30-22 01:37 AM


Originally Posted by surveyor6 (Post 22392150)
Looks complicated, but fun. How much did the velomobile body cost?

$4,800 for the body,, and actually was reliable and straightforward

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