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AOSTIRMOTOR 03-27-22 07:23 PM

Outdoor Activities In Spring
With the temperature rising, it's the season we all love. Spring has neither the heat of summer nor the cold of winter, and is the most suitable season of the year for traveling.

In this season of the year, I always like to ride my beloved e-bike to various places with my family and friends to check in and have a picnic to feel the warmth of the spring sunshine. At the same time, cycling can enrich my life and bring fun and health to me and my family and friends. I love the outdoors in spring.

What about you, do you also like to use your spare time to enrich your life by traveling? So what do you generally choose for outdoor activities?

fooferdoggie 03-27-22 07:28 PM

I ride my bike every day rain and shine and cold only ice or snow stops me lost two days last year from weather. even 60 mph gusts didn't to stop me 115 degree weather.

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