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Are you still riding your regular bikes?

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Are you still riding your regular bikes?

Old 04-04-24, 08:11 AM
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Are you still riding your regular bikes?

I purchased an ebike a couple years ago. Then I rode my regular bike less and less because I got addicted to the speed and traveling further without getting winded.

Do you still mix it up and ride your regular bikes.
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Old 04-04-24, 08:43 AM
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I really enjoyed the novelty at first and rode (during the week) with a friend equally fitted with an e-MTB. However, mostly these days it's back to MTB especially two or three rides a week with my wife. For me, an admittedly lazy rider, it's too tempting to be very slack with "e".
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Old 04-04-24, 09:19 AM
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Of the 3100 miles I rode last year, 560 were on a regular 21 speed hybrid. This year, I am at 750/50 miles.
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Old 04-04-24, 09:45 AM
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At 69, I got my e-bike primarily for overnight bikepacking on local mountain off road trails which often involves long steep climbs.
For all other types of rides where I don’t need pedal assist I use my acoustic bikes, including my fixed gear ride.
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Old 04-04-24, 11:22 AM
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I have 2 ebikes, 2 electric scooters, and once the weather clears up out on Long Island, I'm taking my human powered machine (which one I'm not sure of yet...) out on a nice, enjoyable ride. I love riding an ebike, but I'll only stop riding my other non-electric bikes when my health no longer permits it. It's nice to ride around at 25 mph (I have to pedal my RipRacer quite vigorously to reach that speed, so it's still a great workout) with assistance, but sometimes I just want to be under my own power.
If it wasn't for you meddling kids,...
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Old 04-04-24, 12:28 PM
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It's a good question.

Yes, I do, but I'm more selective now on my mBike rides:
When it's really cold out, I ride an eBike, as they all have flat pedals and haven't got committed riding positions. I can wear regular winter clothes and not arrive sweaty.
When it's hot out and I just want to "go for a bike ride", rather than "go cycling", eBike is an easy choice.

I got into eBikes a couple years ago and got back into some kind of shape (besides round), but since then, I've joined my local bike club, bought road and gravel bikes and got a lot more fit.

Beginning of this year, I joined the 'Challenge Yourself to Ride 5000 miles this Year' club in Strava. {LINK} eBike miles aren't counted, so I'm losing "credit" for many/most of my commutes.

I'm doing 4 miles of commuting most days by eBike and running errands another day or two per week on eBike, but the big miles are all on my mBikes. (20-100 miles at a time)
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Old 04-04-24, 04:55 PM
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My e-bike is a long-tail cargo bike for hauling around kids and groceries. I do find myself riding it for more and more trips, such as my less-than-2-mile commute since it's over a steep hill, but I prefer a traditional motorless bike most of the time when it's just me going somewhere. That said, given the number of trips I take for my kids' activities versus the number I take for other purposes, the e-bike is getting the majority of my cycling time and miles.
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Old 04-04-24, 05:33 PM
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I rode my ebike more when I was getting back into shape after a while off the bike; now I ride the acoustic more. But still love the ebike for commutes when it’s very cold or very hot, bad weather (brighter lights, wider tires), when I am a little sick or injured but still need to go places or just want to get out there, and grocery runs with a trailer. Nice to have both around the house!
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Old 04-04-24, 06:21 PM
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Yes I still ride my other bikes. I just rode my touring bike a couple weeks ago and my hybrid the previous week and would have ridden my road bike but unfortunately that has a hub issue that I am not able to get fixed at the moment.
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Old 04-05-24, 01:21 PM
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Another time I prefer the eBike ride is when I've gone for a (mBike) ride the day before and my legs are sore. I take the eBike the next day and rest my legs a bit, but still get exercise that next day. Then, the following day, my legs are are good enough shape to do another mBike ride!

I'm thinking about a Friday evening ride tonight on the mBike. Then, ride an eBike with the Coffee Riders tomorrow. Then another semi-serious mBike ride Sunday morning.
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Old 04-05-24, 02:12 PM
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Oh yes. The rotation changed on account of adding a new member, but that happens with any new bike. Certain bikes being ridden less, but don't keep records of miles on each so it's just speculation.
Did ride more in '23 than '22, so the new bike honeymoon is real!
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Old 04-05-24, 02:57 PM
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At 71 last years mileage...
@ 1400 miles on e-bike ----- @ 400 miles on road bike ----- @100 miles on 3-speed bike doing errors in the neighborhood
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Old 04-05-24, 07:12 PM
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I ride a Pivot E Vault a majority (99%) with the battery and motor removed for my “regular” bike experience.
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Old 04-05-24, 07:26 PM
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I definitely ride my other bikes! I bought my ebike (a fat tired ebike) for a specific kind of adventure that my other bikes aren't good for. And for puttering around with my wife when she rides her bike a few times a year (ironic, ain't it?) But that bike is no replacement for my other fun steeds!
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Old 04-06-24, 06:33 AM
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Yes, I still ride my Salsa Mukluk fat bike and my Surly Long Haul Trucker/
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Old 04-10-24, 10:46 AM
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Since I got into eBikes heavily last year, I now have one for every family member. No one will ride an mBike any more except me!
Older people like them because they enable them to stay active.
...but for young people, it can easily make them lazy if they're not the disciplined type!

The general American view of bicycles is that they're good for exercise or sport, but don't bother with them for other things like commuting or shopping.

With the advent of eBikes, they have become a valid form of transportation that doesn't require too much effort. (banish the thought!)

For better or worse.
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Old 04-13-24, 10:01 AM
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yes, I still ride (and enjoy) the lightweight bike. The ebike is great for a trip to the grocery store or riding in less than great weather.

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Old 04-15-24, 06:33 AM
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I only use ebikes for boring errands I want to get over with, mostly to get autoparts, as I can't use my van when it's being fixed.

Regular bikes for everything else, because I can lock it up outside like the train station or downtown without any stress. This also keeps me in great shape and gets me to cycle better and better, especially during those marathons where I use my commuter beater to beat all those carbon fiber rich guys in their sponsored jerseys.

I never lock up my ebikes as they never leave my hand grip. I bring it into the store with me. And at home they are in my locked heated alarmed garage.
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Old 04-22-24, 12:43 AM
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Yes, but much, much less.
I like my manual bike because it's light, compact, and has full suspension.
The ebike, a mid-tail cargo bike, is heavy and bulky and rides relatively roughly. Despite that I love it, especially because of the way it melts away distances and hills.
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Old 04-22-24, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by soyabean
I only use ebikes for boring errands I want to get over with, mostly to get autoparts, as I can't use my van when it's being fixed.
I had a situation once where we were trying to figure out the logistics of dropping my wife's car off for body work when she couldn't pick me up from the shop. (as she took our daughter's car to work that day 50 miles away)
No problem. I put the folding eBike in the back of her car and rode it back to work after dropping her car off. (Lectric XP Lite)

It's worth pointing out that eBikes are also regular bikes, when we don't want or need the assistance. Today, for example, I took my eBike to work. On the ride in, I went unpowered, as it's an easy 2 miles. At lunch, I'll use PAS1 and go 15 mph even uphill. It'll be 10 miles total and I don't have time to mess around going 5-10 mph and don't want to sweat much. Going home, I'll use PAS1 to 3, as it's more uphill and I'm saving my legs for the fast Monday night club ride.

Of course as the eBikes get heavier, they're less realistic to pedal: My eMoped is 130 lbs. and pedaling is only a bit better than pushing it in case of running the battery down. Sub-40 lb. eBikes don't have to be as powerful or rangey, since they are more realistically pedal-able.
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