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bigjohn7 02-19-10 09:42 AM

Thanks Allen, I took it on a 34 mile ride last Saturday & with a little coaxing (some regen & some flatland boost set @ zero) got home with one bar still left on the battery. Bike's pretty heavy & so are the "passengers" but a flatland run without pedaling leveled out @ 17.4 mph. Looks like it's gonna be ok.

nwmtnbkr 02-19-10 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by bigjohn7 (Post 10424047)
Thanks Allen, I took it on a 34 mile ride last Saturday & with a little coaxing (some regen & some flatland boost set @ zero) got home with one bar still left on the battery. Bike's pretty heavy & so are the "passengers" but a flatland run without pedaling leveled out @ 17.4 mph. Looks like it's gonna be ok.

Wow, what a beautiful bike, bigjohn. You did a great job building it. Welcome to the e-bike community. I think you'll love power assist. I know my knees appreciate the help, especially given that I now live in the Rockies. Have fun.

bigjohn7 02-21-10 01:28 PM

Thanks nwmntnbkr, I've already noticed a difference in the knees, we've gone over 150 miles in the last week, which is about twice what we went last year. Be sure to check the link I included in my original post,it includes a pdf of an article on the bike that I wrote for RCN.

mikezheng 02-27-10 03:33 AM

LiFePo4 power your ebike and power your life .---Mike.zzf

24V10Ah LiFePo4 battery system and 48v5Ah LiFePo4 battery system.
Discharge rate: 3c continuous ;5C puls. details at

ckfeng 03-15-10 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by AllenG (Post 5703547)

How Beautiful Bikes!
but I have no take a photograph for my bike

FatBaldMen 03-19-10 05:02 PM

Npr did a segment today on "Science friday" regarding e-bikes & the first thing i thought was an electric xtracycle would be cool as s*it....The above post w/ xtracycle/sidecar really blew me away. words cant describe how awesome that setup is...good job!

Chillboy 03-23-10 02:35 PM

Yeah the rear rack is less than ideal. I have a new battery on route for this season that I plan to get into the frame so I can loosen the rear shock back up again.
I built the bike in the 90's and electrified it 2 summers back and put some (needed) new forks on it. My sla's are far from holding a full charge but they should be some fun to run 24V in my kids 12V ride-ons they've outgrown, until they're completely dead :)

Kevinator 03-24-10 10:32 PM

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Here's my Dahon Boardwalk with Cyclone motor

Little-Acorn 04-09-10 01:41 PM

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Here's my Schwinn Cimarron 21-speed. 48V, 1000W front hubmotor, 20Ah LiFePO4 battery.


falconev 04-12-10 04:40 AM

My Mountain bike w frame battery bag
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these frame bags are great

Chillboy 05-01-10 09:35 AM

Bought another one :)
Has a wobbly rear wheel, 08 model with 2 batteries that work for $250, I fig. if I have to get a new rim and respoke it's still a steal. Bought sight unseen, paypalled and beat over 20 people to the deal :)

Picked this one up for my kids (but I ride it :) ) and it was a steal for $120 too :)
I even got the matching helmet and battery holds enough charge to just get to work. Runs really strong with my 8 and 9 year old on it, 24V so hills really effect it and no pedals to help :(

Good cheap fun, I wish I could say that for the one above, I've had some probs and hope to have it running perfect this weekend, not touching the blue one yet.

geostorm 05-15-10 12:39 PM

AngieM 05-23-10 01:54 AM

Allen, I LOVE the bike you bought for your dad. Can you tell me a bit more about it, a link maybe?

AngieM 05-23-10 02:04 AM

Seriously, I would like to have a bike EXACTLY like the one you got your father. I like the battery in the rack, the basket... I looked at Estelle bikes and couldn't find one just like this one. They all have the "saddlebag" style battery. Any info on this bike would be much appreciated. Thanks, Angie

AngieM 05-23-10 02:30 AM

When battery is there, don't you have to raise the seat to get the battery out????

nwmtnbkr 05-23-10 01:07 PM


Allen may be able to point you to the best source for a bike like his father's. There is an online retailer that builds custom e-bikes, including an electrified 3-spd Biria EZBoard-- They use the Wilderness Engergy kit with a 36V 600W hub motor, which may not be the best choice--it also only comes with a SLA battery pack, which you'd need to replace. The warranty for the electric hub system also isn't that long. However, maybe they'd be willing to customize an 8-speed Biria with a different hub motor system, if you can't find someone close to you who can customize a bike for you. Good luck.

1957 05-30-10 01:42 AM

I came across this E-Bike when I lived in Shanghai. Still makes me laugh.

karma 06-01-10 06:23 AM

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i like it. keep people from steeling it as long as it works. i have one like it.

this ones a rusty girls frame with Schwinn izip parts:p

Johnny Law 06-15-10 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by bigjohn7 (Post 10421874)
I built this bike about 11 years ago; check out details on it at : . My wife & I rode it a lot for the first 9 years, over 24,000 miles, but we really quit for the last 2 years (house remodel & other stuff got in the way). When we tried to get going again, it just seemed awfully hard to build up to any kind of distance. I got the Bionx 350L 2 weeks ago and the bike is fun again!

Attachment 138124

that is by far the coolest bike ive ever seen bro

rkildu 06-29-10 11:54 AM

New guy here on the forum, this is my second post. My first was about charging the batteries.

I just built my first E bike effort. It's an EZ-Glide conversion kit built on a Wally World coaster bike. It seems to work just fine for my purposes.

The coaster brakes were semi useless so I retrofitted a set of caliper brakes to the included hand levers. Big improvement!


El Duderino X 07-15-10 03:58 AM

My "Urban Electric 69er UberCommuter":

eZee 36V front hub w/29" wheel & Schwalbe Marathon Plus (from an earlier ebike build)
36V Lithium battery
cycle analyst
26" Alexrims XDlite w/ Shimano Alfine 8spd IGH & 2" Schwalbe Big Apple (& Mr. Tuffy "brown" tire liner)
Salsa Cromoly 29" fork torque arm V3
Sugino single spd crankset
Surly Singleator
MKS EZY pedals
Avid BB7 calipers. The rotors are 180 front. (stock eZee disc), Shimano 160 rear.
Avid SD7 brake levers
MEC grips
Nice & wide Truvativ Hussefelt bar
generic adjustable stem
Cygolite Dual Cross Pro lithium headlamp
SKS Chainboard chain guard
Fizer rear rack (my original rack suffered a catastrophic failure)
full fenders front and rear

etc., etc., etc...

A BionX equipped Tidalforce frame is currently at 95% completion. Similar set up. Pics soon!

El Duderino X 07-16-10 11:33 PM

The BionX/Tidalforce bike!

karma 07-20-10 02:18 PM

nice did you buy the complete bicycle? looks like the frames selling on the es forums :)

El Duderino X 07-21-10 12:42 AM

That is exactly where the frames came from. :thumb:

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