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comfybob 07-25-08 10:52 PM

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Originally Posted by countersTrike (Post 5859093)
Interesting! Not one recumbent! I couldn't get photos on Bike Forums but I have 2 motorized recumbent trikes on Frappr and Flickr. One is a 2007 hub motor, the other is a 2001 bolt-on kit; the oldie:[email protected]/2063869733/


Hello CountersTrike,
Yes, there is at least one recumbent with power assist!
Cyclone chain drive motor with LiFePO4 battery.
And it definitely gives us uphill push!

comfybob 07-25-08 11:15 PM

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1. In tough terrain the motor overheated quite often. I´ve machined a new motor housing out of a solid aluminium block and integrated cooling fins.
2. The freewheels are not sealed so dirt can easily get inside. By making a protective housing for the freewheel that now features shim rings no water or dust can now damage the inside.
3. The original motor mount was replaced by a new one made out of aircraft aluminium. The clamps that hold it to the frame are also made out of one solid piece.

Hello Martin,
Would love to learn more about your Cyclone motor improvements as I have a similar problem with it.
At least a few photos of the improved motor housing and freewheel will be very much appreciated.

Cavalão 07-27-08 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by Solar.110mb (Post 7095146)
Zeuser, That Yamaha bicycle is really something. I searched google for info on it but none found. I'm interested in the specs for it, if you have a link.

Agreed! I found this with google, but not much info there:

wtbaggio 07-28-08 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by Sianelle (Post 7123135)
Interesting, - but that would have to be a totally good pavement only machine with those small wheels.


riper1 07-28-08 10:53 AM

my daily driver
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just a quick pic of my ride

jameshymel 07-29-08 01:40 PM

Interested in seeing a pic
Hi. Do you have a pic? Is there a USA distributor for yesa - I see they are Hong Kong based. Can you list the part set that you purchased for your bike? Thanks. James


Originally Posted by cerewa (Post 5714561)
I decided to go with lithium iron phosphate because it's actually very cheap on a per-mile basis. This is because you don't need as many amp-hours*volts to go the same number of miles, plus lithium iron packs tend to last for over 1000 charge cycles, while lead acid lasts for a few hundred. I've never had another ebike battery. but for my use, SLA is a poor choice-- I live 17 miles from work and have to carry the bike up some stairs to park it. I feel like I got a good deal because I bought from for $330 and got a battery which I think will last 2 years in heavy use. (1000 cycles, 17 miles per cycle, 2 cycles per work day, which is about 1 cent per mile). If it only lasts 1 year I won't cry too hard as that will be 2 cents per mile in battery cost. With a lot of luck, it could last 5 years/2500 cycles!

The motor is from cyclone and it's the 500w kit. Great kit if you want power on steep hills and on flatter ground.

Kastnerd 07-30-08 09:48 AM

Anyone see Giants new hybrid bicycle as they call it. Im not sure the power of the front motor. but it says it can last 70 miles.

countersTrike 07-30-08 12:11 PM

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Originally Posted by comfybob (Post 7137637)
Hello CountersTrike,
Yes, there is at least one recumbent with power assist!
Cyclone chain drive motor with LiFePO4 battery.
And it definitely gives us uphill push!

Yes, several are available- I was being tongue in cheek! I took this shot yesterday- plain old recumbent trike in that fairing with a hub motor- no problem accelerating that behemoth up hills!
1- door open 2- door closed

Sianelle 07-30-08 04:11 PM

Can't beat the rugged utility and reliability of a brushless hub motor :thumb:

Solar.110mb 08-03-08 09:47 PM

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Here's a his and hers Schwinn Izip. I put a hard plastic trunk on mine. On my wifes I had to modify the seat to lower it for her. The seat is actually sunken into the battery compartment. It sits 32.25" off the ground.

toasterburn 08-09-08 11:02 AM

just got this one today, it was listed on craigs list for $1000, talked the guy down to $600 and he threw in a new $65 giro helmet and a lock. rides like a dream =)

toasterburn 08-11-08 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by David Merrill (Post 7247425)
Sweet deal!!

What's in that battery pack? How fast?

2 12 volt sla battaries, 14 amps. it's supposed to go 18 mph but I don't have a spedomoter yet to test it. fast enough for me, and it'll climb a hill with no pedaling. the motor system is similar to an ezip, but it's 600 watts and brushless. going to take it out this weekend and see what it can really do.

borland 08-16-08 05:49 PM

test of posting photos

wasp 08-20-08 06:17 PM

Sianelle 08-20-08 06:55 PM

You will have to tell us how you wired the Playstation gamepads into your bike ;)

wasp 08-20-08 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by Sianelle (Post 7312209)
You will have to tell us how you wired the Playstation gamepads into your bike ;)

it was pretty easy there

ecocol 08-25-08 06:04 PM

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This is my L1. 36V 10AH Lithium battery, 200w geared hub motor. The whole thing including battery weighs only 23kg. It easily gets 40km range. A smooth and easy ride that looks great, too.

lfairban 08-26-08 09:29 PM

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I got this e-bike 8 years ago. I use it for short trips around town, and on our wonderful system of bike paths. It will carry up to 40 lbs. of groceries.

The top edges of the basket are wrapped with an old inner tube. I figure the car I save may be my own.

I mounted a volt meter so I would have some warning when the battery was getting low, doesn't work well for that, and to see how the motor use effected the voltage, for which it serves well. I used a standard 15V Panel meter movement
and biased it with a 9V battery so it measures 9-24 V. To determine the actual voltage, I need to add 9 to the reading, but this is not as much trouble as one might think. I am usually worried about the drop from full anyway.

It cost me about $950 at the time. Now, you can get a similar drive system on probably a cheaper bike from WalMart for about $400. I would recommend something with a hub motor and Lithium batteries if you were to buy it today.

I still run it on SLAs, but I am planning on getting Lithium next spring.

Here it is in the grocery configuration:

Steven B 08-27-08 03:18 PM

I think this is the future.

alnvilma 09-09-08 08:27 PM

New Townie commuter
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Foxxpower 36V-20Ah
Chenzhen-Sucteam 40amp/800 watt controller
Crystalyte left thumb throttle
60 psi stock semi-slick tires

22-24 easy on the flat. 30 downhill and 17-20 uphill so far.
The battery charges up to 43 volts after 10 miles, it is still at 37V!

Bill Tarling 10-17-08 11:29 AM

Yes, it's classified as an eBike
A group of motorcycles (Harley) pulled up beside me at a stop light. I told the front guy I would race him down the street if he gave me a two-week head start. He laughed and said he would just wait for me at the gas station about a mile with a coffee if I ever got there [they were all low on gas].

Sure enough, I saw them at the station minutes later, so I couldn't resist and pulled in. True to his word, the biker had a fresh hot cup of coffee waiting when I rode in.

Noobzter 10-20-08 12:49 AM

28mph @ 24v. 24v 33ah agm deep cycle. 2x 400watt kollmorgen ccw internally controlled brushless motors. 11:65 gear ratio. Magura throttle. Right lever Integrated brake kill switch. Shamano left lever, cranks and sprocket. (no www.);init:.jpg

karma 10-20-08 01:13 AM

nice ;)

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