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jocelain 10-27-08 12:36 PM

Okay, I'm really new at this. Two days ago my husband showed up with an e-bike he bought on craigslist for $250. As an avid cyclist until a few years ago (when I had some health issues), I got quite excited about it. Turns out it's one of the "made in China" varieties, distributed by a company in Quebec a couple of years ago, through Costco. Yesterday I rode it to work, and clunky as it is, I'm hooked on the idea! Lucky for me, my employer has incentives for alternate modes of transportation to work, and a shower in the locker room!

This bike is pretty pokey, weighs a ton, and looks like a stretched-out retro girls' bike. I love it because I can wear skirts, and don't have to work too hard. Also, I don't think it will get stolen unless the thief has a penchant for hernias and a stretch limo station wagon. On the flip side, it's not a cyclist's dream bike (like my 20 year old Miyata hybrid), rattles over the bumps, and is awkward to maneuver, even to check over my shoulder for cars! The mirrors simply don't give me a proper rear-view, and with the weight, I'm hesitant to do proper hand signals. I'll post a picture here, then get to the point:

What is the most economical way for me to put a motor on my own bicycle, without being a bike mechanic. I so understand that you guys have a passion for the process, but I just don't. I have other talents. And I love the idea of turning my own bike into an ebike "down the road". Also, if any of you have any ideas on fine-tuning the above "made in china " generic version, better light, mirrors, or where I can shop online or in Toronto for any of the above, I'd be thrilled. I'm going to clean it up, and use it for now; it's got a 400watt battery, and seems to get me to work without a huge amount of effort. And it's red!

Noobzter 11-03-08 04:12 AM

Well go to my site for the cheapest and simplest kind of build. Next to friction drives and the rag joint sprocket types, both are f&%cking worthless, the FWD I created is the cheapest to build though you have to weld a couple of plates to the forks and use have a drill and a grinder. If money isn't a big deal go with the IPS crank set up from J&B importers, that way you and your motor will utilize the gears on the rear wheel of your bike if you have them.

crackerdog 11-03-08 09:43 AM

jocelain, you may want to ask this in the main part of the forum for more response since this is mostly about photos. Are you in a steep hilly area or more rolling? Distance you would need to travel? etc.

Noobzter 11-03-08 08:23 PM

$2,900 for 250w, 26v10ah!!! roflmfao. No offense of course. Also any Ebike that assists over 20mph is illegal in the states. Illegal as a bike but legal as a moped but good luck getting that DOT approved. The way it is now it wont get through customs. But if you govern the assist to 20mph it will but just don't leak the info on how to remove the governor, Customs is cracking down on Chinese importers for just that reason. Just giving you the heads up.

Abneycat 11-03-08 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by Noobzter (Post 7787113)
$2,900 for 250w, 26v10ah!!! roflmfao.

Its not bad for the price. The component list reads out very nicely, with things like an XT drivetrain, B&M lights, very professional and respectable looking bicycle - and from what i've heard from AllenG's comments and his experience with a Panasonic equipped bicycle, they're some of the absolute best motor systems out there. The weight, if accurately representing the full weight of the equipped bicycle, is very good.

That bike has a lot more value in it than just thinking about how many watts, volts and amps it has. It seems like a nice package. I suppose that if I were wanting to point out downsides to it, this is one of those bikes where you would have to want it set up mostly how it is to get good return for your money, as it comes pre-loaded with so many accessories that having your own or wanting different ones would change the picture quick.

One thing I would like to note though, is that the specs on the website state that a Nexus Redline is used for the drivetrain on the details page, while the intro page and the pictures show a standard external derailleur system.

Noobzter 11-04-08 04:51 AM

This thing costs as much as a new Ninja 250R.

lfairban 11-04-08 12:46 PM


What is the most economical way for me to put a motor on my own bicycle, without being a bike mechanic.
You may wish to check out my list of ebike kits:

Avoid front hubs on an Aluminum fork! Use a magnate to test it.

About the weight on your present bike, find out what kind of batteries it has. If they are Sealed Lead Acid (SLAs) you can cut the weight by half by using a lighter, and more expensive battery. You may also get a marginal improvement in performance.

I use a helmet mirror with a handlebar mirror mounted upside down, it drops below the handlebar. Otherwise, I am trying to look through my arm to see behind me. You can use a mirror that mounts to the end of the handlebar, but you will probably break it if the bike falls over.

Glad to hear you have discovered ebikes. :love:

Doctorbass 11-13-08 07:04 PM

Here is mine!

100.8V 23Ah DIY lithium manganese battery pack 210km range no pedal!

10kW peak 160 pounds of REAL measured trust 3500 W continuous



0-100m in 7.8sec

0-40kph in 2.7sec

now with 4 x 15W led 10800lux at 1m and 2500 at 4m

Crystalyte 5305 controller crystalyte 100V 100A mooded with 4110 mosfet

GPS, Accelerometer racing computer, multi intelligent battery display

Charger 1500W 50V 30A (i put two 50V battery pack in parallel) charge 0-100% in 2h

Already pulled two car at the same time!

This Ebike is awsome!




Tourezrick 11-19-08 02:35 PM

Crikey - how'd I miss posting here?
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Leaving the solar panels home for the time, 26" wheels all around on my Sun EZ3 AX. Body rig under construction - part fabric, part coroplast, part clear plastic sheet, all kludge! All I want it to do is keep me dry and warm. Should have body pics up by week's end .

Tourezrick 11-19-08 02:39 PM

Wow! Allofasudden, I'm a senior member? How'd that happen?

Oh, must be because the spirit of Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme live on inside me. That's all I can figure.

sauerleigh 11-21-08 06:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is my prototype delta recumbent with electric assist.
21 speeds, rear disc brakes, independent suspension, Crystalyte 404 16 " rim, motor running on 72volts, 6 12ah SLA batteries.

clarkpoo 12-26-08 01:40 AM

This may be the lightest e-bike(with Lithium batteries).

Tourezrick 12-28-08 12:30 PM

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See what kind of trouble one can get into when retired? It's 'Almost Finished'! What am I saying, these things are never really finished! The journey is always fun, though! The past seven days in Chicago have seen everything from below zero f. temps, snow, ice storms to torrential rains and 61 degree f. temps. Yesterday was 61, rain, wind, today is 29, sun, wind. Gotta love the weather in Chicago, always changing! Here's some pics of the e-trike in the garage, with the Scorpion trike floating above it. Door is held closed with latches, side panel cutouts are for handlebar clearance during sharp turns. Yellow panels are painted coroplast (corex), back end is a snowthrower cab from the local home improvement store. Windows are Lexan in front, soft plastic in rear. Keeps me warm(er) and dry(er) in most all weather conditions. A great day for a ride, none the less, with 33wh/mile avg. over my 7.38 mile long ride. Gotta put the sheepskin on the e-trike soon, keister got just a little chilly! Life is a daily wonder!

raevyn 12-28-08 05:36 PM

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This is my E-bike Baby!! it is an Electra Townie 21, with a roadrunner kit, a 48v 10.5ah lithium polymer battery and a left hand thumb throttle!

And this is it Winterized!

sauerleigh 12-31-08 08:23 AM

Perhaps you could use spandex attached to the fork and your fairing to close up the front end a little.

Nice hat raevyn.

ReddyKW 01-08-09 03:15 PM

Here's my electric Recumbent
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I needed a bike that would climb hills better than my Lee Iaccoca bikes did and I discovered these. I was not so sure about riding a recumbent. After riding this for a few months I don't know why anyone would want a regular upright bike for on road use. These are Soooo much fun. I get about 15 miles per charge in a very hilly area with the standard 15AH lead acid battery. I am looking forward to ordering a larger LiFeP04 battery for some longer trips. If anyone is interested in more info on these recumbents you can check out my website at: I am interested in hearing from others who commute and use an ebike on a regular basis.

Firehouseguy 01-17-09 08:32 PM

Electric BikeE
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Thought I would share my latest project. It is a BikeE with an electric kit I bought on Ebay. It is 48v, 1000w. Top speed, 22mph. I had to modify the rear axle brackets and make the battery brackets. Drives great! I converted it so there is no more pedaling. 15 mile range on 4 lead-acid 12v-20aH sealed batteries. It's a mile to work. What more could I need? I used a front-wheel drive motor and had to mount it in the rear because of the bike's design. I kept the pedals for foot rests.

WvG 01-31-09 08:41 PM

Amped Bike
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15 year old cro-moly Trek 850
500 W Amped Bike Kit
3x 8 AH SLAs.

Enough charge for a 6 mile trip (each way), including a steep 2 mile bridge

safe 02-05-09 09:05 PM

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Project #001 ---------- Project #002 ----------- Project #003

luckylindy 02-09-09 12:07 PM

Two Battery Bionx
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The bike is an aluminum Klein mountain. The Bionx battery under the saddle is attached by bolts, washers, and nuts to the sawed off Topeak rack with the quick release handle replaced by a bolt. A Jansport handlebar bag is attached to a homemade second mini handlebar. Deuter makes the frame bag which fits nicely under the main battery. I get about 25 miles per battery, and I have to mechanically switch batteries using a small adjustable wrench.

sooty1111 02-13-09 04:29 AM

My Bike
This is my bike it has been through various incarnations in the past 6 months.
This is the second bike I've built the last bike used a 24 Volt wheel chair motor and was a total scratch build.
Motor 350 Watt hub drive
Battery 4 X 7 Ah SLA's in series for 48 Volts. I have 40 X 6 Ah Nimh D cells but not to sure whether to change over to them. Definitely lighter, I may not notice any difference in range as I mainly do short trips. I live in a small country town.
Top speed on the flat 38 KPH (GPS used to check speed) I only weigh 60 Kg.
Range unknown my controller is limited to 17 Amps and after returning home from my 8K round trip my Watt's up meter tells me I'm putting about 1Ah back into the batteries.
Biggest weakness needs better brakes.
I ride it everyday.

Ypedal 02-14-09 08:48 AM

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Norco Chaos ( 2005 frame ) with rear Crystalyte 409 in 20" rim, 24" front, gives it a laid back feel.. 8" disk brakes front and back.. motor painted to match frame, laced Radial in very strong reinforced double wall rim with eyelets and 12g spokes.

Battery is 2 x 36v 20ah Lithium Manganese in series for 72v, the BMS has been removed ( I charge with a pair of Thunder Power 1010C chargers with cell level ballancers TP 210V once in a while, but they stay perfectly well ballanced without any help from a BMS and i monitor them manually like a hawk )

Controller has been modified to allow up to 30+ amps giving up 2500w on demand but that only happens on jack rabbit starts from street lights to keep up with traffic in some parts of town, usually cruising at 500 to 700w and 40 km/h.

Cycle Analyst power meter on the handlebars, half grip twist throttle. Single speed BMX gearing, removed deraileurs both front and back, have 2 chainrings up front for manually changing gears if need be, but not really needed.. For a 90 lbs ebike/evmotorbike you can pedal at 10 km/h without power, or motor on to work in a jiffy... rock solid reliable.

Range is really good, not quite as good as Dr Bass, but more than i need .. 72v x 20ah = 1440 wh.. motor only, no pedaling i'm good for 80 km range with battery to spare at 30 km/h.. 60km range at full throttle 45 km/h +

Ypedal 02-14-09 09:00 AM

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In total Contrast to my Norco..

This is a Giant ATX 890 with front wheel eZee brushless geared motor.

Battery is made from the same green " Konion " cells as Dr.Bass recycled from dead Makita cordless tool packs, 36v 3ah of these weighs about 2 lbs and will power the 20 amp controller just fine ( well.. they get hot.. but who cares at the price i paid :D )

This is a lightweight, power assist bike, i use this after work for exercise, it levels out the hills nicely and keeps me rolling in top gear. Good drivetrain components on this bike, nice V brakes, great pedal bike and weighs under 40 lbs battery included !!!

Ypedal 02-15-09 09:33 AM

2 Attachment(s)
A few more of the Norco

Ypedal 02-15-09 09:37 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Built this for a local guy, retired, goes to florida for the winter with his ebike on the back !

Built him a Crystalyte 4011 in a 700C wheel, 48v 8ah Nicad, goes all of 25 km/h but that's all he wanted.. will get good range at that speed too..

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