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24X18 04-19-09 05:11 PM

Thank You...
It does really need a large...PIC
This Schwinn Scooter cost me under $$400.00 delivered to my door by UPS...
its a very neat design..Currie a very good designer.

Allen 04-19-09 07:11 PM


CGRLCDR 05-05-09 08:07 PM


Here's my e-bike. It is a Sun EZ Sport Recumbent with a Crystalyte 405 front hub motor, 48 Volt sealed lead-acid battery pack and a pedal first 30 amp controller. I've had it for a couple of years and it is by far my favorite toy. The max speed on flat ground with hard pedalling and full throttle is 34.9 MPH. Cruising at 15 MPH with moderate pedal assist I can easily get more that two hours duration. One of my biggest joys is riding around until some hotshot in spandex on a racing bike decides he wants to show the senior citizen on the goofy looking recumbent a few things about power and speed. I enjoy ringing my little handle bar bell and announcing myself "passing on your left" as I disappear into the distance leaving them to wonder what just happened.:)

My wife is anxiously waiting for me to grow up, but it's not going to happen while I have air in my tires and a charge in my battery pack.

xtrajack 05-08-09 06:56 PM


xtrajack 05-08-09 07:06 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is my e-assisted bike:
The battery is in the black bag on the front rack,the motor is hiding behind the front panniers.

Greywolf67 05-09-09 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by xtrajack (Post 8883588)
Here is my e-assisted bike:
The battery is in the black bag on the front rack,the motor is hiding behind the front panniers.


Looks like you can carry alot!

Did it take alot to get used to the longer frame??

xtrajack 05-11-09 04:07 AM

Thank you,
It didn't take as much getting used to as my wife's Day 6 did/does.
We have had the Day 6 since about the second week of March, I still am not used to it.
The steering on the Day 6 feels a little weird. I am not sure that I am ever going to get used to it

24X18 05-18-09 04:16 AM

I've been useing my Schwinn E. Scooter..the new Battery's are A-OK..I have created multiple FUSE(locations)and one day I was out in the City-area and a FUSE did BLOW--it was the BATT-separater FUSE(20-amp)..I snapped in a new one and off I went..
You can check my Photog--at the above Skydrive Acct.
I re-assembled my scooter useing STP Oil Treatment--where ever a drop would go..
and its "coasting" abilty has increased(alot)..have a great week Folks'..
===Mark M

Steven B 05-25-09 09:23 PM

I like your bike.
Please tell us about your battery and motor.

Steven B 05-25-09 09:28 PM

I meant my above reply to follow Louispower's post dated 04-03-09.

ol! 05-27-09 08:14 PM

Izip Express

This is near the top of Black Canyon, one of the steepest roads in California. Average grade of 8.6% over 1.9 miles with sections of sustained 18% incline, reportedly going up to 30%.

louispower 06-01-09 02:50 AM


Originally Posted by Steven B (Post 8983357)
I meant my above reply to follow Louispower's post dated 04-03-09.

Hi Steven, we are a manufacturer of ebike kits in China, the battery is Lifepo4 36v/10ah and motor 36v/250w rear wheel powered. Note you are in USA you could findour dealer in USA by gogle "worldwide electric bikes". Thanks.

vancamp 06-01-09 10:06 PM
A Montague Paratrooper/BionX PL-350 with a repainted battery box (and a few other bike components changed).

mankapook 06-06-09 05:24 AM

So nice Bike !

bcsaltchucker 06-24-09 09:13 PM

Rayben Motors 500W/48V/SLA kit ($350 all-in)
Trek 4900 mtn bike with slick tire on the back
tops out at 50km/hr on the flat. Range at 38km/hr is about 30 km

I call it my elecTrek. What a blast!

edit - well almost 3 yrs later, it is still going strong with only occasional use. but those above range estimates are a bit liberal
I've since put on a 20AH LiFePO4 and get much more consistent performance. But still gotta be careful pushing it past 20km

24X18 06-29-09 03:21 AM

End of June..still riding a little--getting ready to film the fireworks here(CT)..useing my Scooter for Camera Projects..hope to build a scooter from scratch later..1000-watts/48-volt/..have a happy summer/

falconev 07-05-09 04:42 PM

Lithium MTB
1 Attachment(s)
48V MTB from
with lithium frame batt pack

24X18 07-06-09 09:41 AM

Li-Ion Batt Pack
I've looked at Lithium-ion Battery's and really can't afford them..
I've been able to find a Batt Pack for 300-400 dollars(USD)..but realibility has been in question..
I stayed with the maintanance FREE..SLA..Glass Mat-technology..
Right now I'm useing Interstate batteries that are really meant for a Computer back-UP system..UPS/
2 x 12volt..
18-amp each..and looking far think that 20-amps is really TOPS..for my 24volt System..
There is a Electric Bike that uses 34-amp batteries..
That would be the e-GO../
The 18-amp batteries work very nicely..
But the Panasonic 15-amp battereis that were delivered with the Schwnn S-750 even out perform
the Interstate next batteries will be 20-amp..I'll try a differant series battery--but the battery POSTS are very important..
Funny how the Panasonic Batteries had SPADE-Connectors..
The Interstate Batteries have your standard Lead--Post/like a motorcycle battery..
Maybe the size of POST-sunk into the battery maintains some point about the Regulated--Valve--
Well..its gonna' be years for sure..
I'm useing my scooter for community travel(photo projects)..
I missed the Fireworks becasue I thought RAIN or Thunder/Lightning..
Stayed home--//
Have a great summer..waiting for the summer sun here in Connecticut..I need to drop some pounds..
Just staying inside..Mark M

louispower 07-08-09 10:09 AM

bikes photo from US customers
Hi here are some photos from our US customer with fusinmotors ebike kit installed , looks really nice! he calls it "electric horse" :lol:

suncoast_dan 07-09-09 12:05 PM

Howdy all! GREAT thread. Some really impressive builds here. :D

Thought I'd post a few I've done:

And, a REALLY nice build by a customer:

I'll look forward to seeing more pix from you all! :D

Reid Welch 07-09-09 11:57 PM

My first ebike, Currie Mongoose Retro Cruiser, cheap, but modified later to to 25mph on the flats.
It is history now, it no longer exists. Onward, upward, submarine, boating: that's my present ebike project.

December, 2006; I don't miss this got-my-feet-wet bike, not much. But, handsome, masculine? You be the judge?

suncoast_dan 07-10-09 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Reid Welch (Post 9251940)
But, handsome, masculine? You be the judge?

I got a kick out of your thread @ 'the other place' - you've certainly managed to bring your own thing to your projects, which is very cool. :thumb:

I have to ask re: the ThudBuster - does the saddle level out with the riders weight on it, or do you just prefer the inclined position?

Sancycles 07-10-09 01:24 PM

National Relacle - Electric Tricycle
My 1st Electric Tricycle - National Relacle - Nexus 3-Speed, Stainless Basket, Stainless Steel Rims / Spokes, and Umbrella Holder. (Sancycles Collection)
Motor Switch
Nexus 3-Speed IGH
Under Chassis
Rear Basket
Back View
With umbrella mounted

VRdublove 07-13-09 11:10 AM

Electric KMX
Here's my baby:

10,000 watts, 1.1 kWh Lithium Manganese battery, 56 mph top speed. :love:

forestsoul 07-17-09 12:02 PM

Here's my new ebike:

-Fibreglass shell holding four 12V 10Ah SLA's, giving 48V
-36V 500W Goldenmotor
-48V 600W 28A ecrazyman controller
-Watts Up meter
-Top speed of 42km/h with range of 25km using full throttle

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