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SeizeTech 07-26-09 07:45 PM

Sport ebikes?
I was wondering, the motorcycle market has a fairly strong segment for the crotch rocket sportbikes ( you know, the ones where it looks like you are humping a football)

Why hasn't a similar trend caught on with ebikes?

You would think that there is a fairly large group of 'stretchy shorts' cyclists that like technology and like speed enough to go out and buy an ebike that is built for speed.

Doesn't this exist? Who wants to go into partnership with me to produce them?

GTALuigi 07-27-09 10:49 PM

my ebike is like that
you just need to build it yourself
Dahon Matrix + ebike kit
add a couple of Racing Ralph and you are set to hit any on and off road

louispower 07-28-09 02:16 AM

e-racing is possible by using big motor + controller + high capacity battery such as 48v/50ah. But ebike racing??? many people use it as commuter. The bigggest problem for ebike racing is the bike frame strength and its brakes. For a ebike over 60mph you need think what brakes you need to brake the bike, and what a strong frame to sustain the big power.

lyen 07-30-09 05:58 AM

There is also liability issues and the speed limit law which defeat your sports ebike market campaign prior your new start up company would ever exists. I am interested in partnership with you if you have capital in hand and would take the risk. In fact, I am actually in the process of doing it. The trend will be here someday but it is still at the early stage for people to have confidence and interest. Without enough research and the right timing, the company will end up like the Vectrix that builts electric motorcycle. We definitely have learned from their unfortunate mistakes.

karma 08-17-09 06:08 AM

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seizetech so you want bicycle to feel and ride like a sportbike :):thumb:

nwmtnbkr 08-17-09 09:10 PM

They won't be street legal in any state unless they meet the safety standards for mopeds and motorcycles and even then, they won't be legal at all in some states, like New York, which has a flat prohibition on riding any e-bike on public streets. The more limited bicycle safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Administration only apply to "power assisted bicycles" (speed under 20MPH and motor under 750W). If your e-bike can go over 20MPH or has a motor over 750W, you have to comply with more stringent federal safety standards set for mopeds and motorcycles by the National Highway Transportation Safety Board. Most states will also require it to be registered and insured and the operator to have a motorcycle license.

karma 08-20-09 02:06 AM

first test today two police pulled up next to me looked it over and left. pedals stickers lights horn.
no warnings. i love Ontario. :) 64khm is the max and the motors running around 1400watt.

sure its illegal. most car and motorcycles can go over the speed limit. i stick to the speed limit most of the time. most police have a hard enough time dealing with real crimes. to deal with a dude on a bicycle.

im sure if i was a teen flying around thay would warn me. or ask me to walk it home.

donob08 08-20-09 08:08 AM


Your comment about New York points to a sad tale. As of March of 09 Bill A2393 3 which provides laws DMV Sect 102-6, DMV Sect. 125 and DMV Section 1240 passed the Assembly. It is slowly working its way through the Senate (everything there is SLOW). It had its third reading May 2, 09 and on July 6 was sent to the Rules Committee.
This bill makes the NY law match the Federal law: 20 mph, 1000 Watts. Those of us who live in NY are optimistic that before snow flies...... This all started January 15, 09 so I guess it's moving 'relatively" quickly.


raevyn 08-20-09 11:41 PM

Here is a sports E bike for you. Made out of carbon fiber for those weight junkies out there!

SeizeTech 08-21-09 09:48 AM

very cool. thanks for that link.

Personally, carbon fiber scares the heck out of me because while steel or aluminun will bend, carbon fiber will crack or break. There is no doubt that a good engineer can build an excellent carbon fiber frame, but I am worried about the young engineers that might be a bit hung over from last night's party.

nwmtnbkr 08-21-09 11:04 AM


If the bill isn't enacted before the current term of the New York Legislature ends, it will die and have to be re-introduced in the next term. (I believe this term of the state legislature will sit through next year so you should write your state senator and assemblyman and encourage other e-bike owners you know in the state to do the same--although the bill may have passed the senate, both chambers will have to pass the bill with the same wording, so the senate may have further action on modifications made in the assembly.)

Congress has only touched on safety standards--creating its definition of "power assisted bicycle" to clarify which federal agency has jurisdiction to set safety standards. It intentionally has left the decision on whether to allow electric bicycles to be ridden on public roads and, if so, what conditions to impose up to each state. It can be confusing and frustrating for people.

I am concerned that as more people buy or build more powerful, faster electric bicycles that public opinion may turn against them, especially if they're perceived as being unsafe or as being operated in an unsafe manner. If that happens, I think more states may follow NY's lead and ban their use completely.

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