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sunnyday 12-13-10 03:35 PM

This kit seems to get good reviews...
chain drive system with brushless assist motor...many people claim to like them better then hub motors :

jethro56 12-13-10 04:16 PM

interesting concept

Allen 12-13-10 04:45 PM

I have the same Panasonic drive on my Giant.
I run it through a NuVinci. I think it is fantastic.
I also have a Heinzmann hub motor on a Biria. The Panasonic drive is 350 watts. The Heinzmann is 400. Being able to take advantage of the NuVinci's gearing the amount of torque I can get from the less powerful Panasonic motor is vastly more than what I can get from the direct drive Heinzmann hub.
The Panasonic setup acclerates faster, can move more weight, and climbs better than the Heinzmann.

sunnyday 12-13-10 04:50 PM

Originally Posted by AllenG (Post 11928437)
I have the same Panasonic drive on my Giant.
I run it through a NuVinci. I think it is fantastic.

can I ask where you got much you payed..and what is your setup ?

My bike is a Giant Cypress...hybrid.

Allen 12-13-10 04:53 PM

I got it from the local bike shop.
It was around $1200 several years ago.
The Giant was sold as the Twist/Lite but now Giant no longer uses the Panasonic drives and the current Twist has a front hub motor.

I also love the torque sensor throttle on the Panasonic systems.

Mabman 12-13-10 06:01 PM

The Panasonic drive is not able to retrofit to just any bicycle. It has to have a frame specifically designed for the mounting it requires. But the idea of a bb drive system is a good one and no one at this time makes one that will fit on a regular style bike. You can get a few kits that utilize a freewheeling crankset however that allow for use of the bikes gearing like this one here:

GTALuigi 12-23-10 06:06 AM

the design seems to be better suited to create a good crank generator to power up more powerful stuff.
similar to that experimental motor bike that is pedal powered

miro13car 12-24-10 08:20 AM

very good for torque, high on maintenence, imagine it on even 1km road not paived.
Maybe ideal on impeccable clean Japanese roads.

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