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Metal Man 02-18-11 03:48 PM

My E+ review
I bought a complete Surly Big Dummy with the E+ kit in November 2010 and though I would post a little about it.
I have well over 600 miles on it so far and no issues with the E+ end of it at all. About all I had to do so far is a little fine tuning on the shifters, same as any other new bike.
I had a flat rear tire in the first week or so and that was no fun, luckily I was close to my LBS.
Everything about the kit seems great. I don't have any experience with other Ebikes so I have nothing to compare it to.
The list (very small) of things I would change all have to do with the controller and display. There is no way to lock it onto MPH for the readouts and if you're not careful it's easy to end up reading KPH on the display, then of course it's not so easy to change it back. This is mostly an issue with gloves on and the dark doesn't help. I guess a light on my helmet would solve some of this.
The Big Dummy is a great bike, I'll be getting a lot of use out of it.:)

cerewa 02-18-11 09:15 PM

long tail e-bike ... first i heard of this idea was when stokemonkey got going, and it's always been a practical idea... not bad as a car alternative, but not cheap either.

kauaikit 02-23-11 09:33 PM

Nice better though if E+ could have figured a way to put lithium instead of the NiMH cells in the front hub, which would last a bit longer. It's my understanding that you can't use another battery source other than E+ on these later TF bikes?

miro13car 02-24-11 08:20 AM

did you ask your seller/shop/DEALER how long the battery would last on your E+ ????

1000W E+ model will not reach 30miles/hour after 3 years , no way.
No on NMH battery.

Metal Man 03-10-11 01:12 AM

I've got over 700 miles on it now. Once the weather gets a little nicer I'll be hopefully putting the miles on.
I had a 28 mile trip yesterday. I took my 11 year old into town (6miles) then dropped off about 20 pounds of packages.:)

jethro56 03-10-11 06:44 AM

I think a group of fine engineers got taken in by a business plan that will ruin the company. What they should go is add a brake system with variable regen, advanced batteries and market their front hub for other systems. Become the ultimate battery solution.

Metal Man 03-10-11 08:12 AM

It has variable regen. On the assist side you can change it from 1 to 9. For regen you can go from -1 to -9. On a long downhill I adjust the regen to hold the speed I want. You don't need to use the brake levers just adjust the resistance on the control.

miro13car 03-22-11 12:28 PM

I have ordered 1000W from Vancouver and will be driving there from Calgary to pick it up..

kauaikit 03-28-11 02:09 AM


Originally Posted by miro13car (Post 12395484)
Universal Batt Connector never designed to the end, promised from E+ factory long time ago.
E+ motor controller is one of the best if not the best motor /controller in the world, I researched everything else.
I have ordered 1000W from Vancouver and will be driving there from Calgary to pick it up..
I think I found solution to powering E+ on any 36V, hope my idea will work, it is not sofware solution of course, it is hardware solution. Once I am sucesfull I am going to spread idea on forums OR maybe I will start converting myself for small fee?

So, you went & bought the $2K 1000w kit? Good man, let's have a report on it when you get it on your bike.

I bought another Tidalforce IO cruiser, except this one is a '04 "Police" version with the X hub & set up for the optional "B" battery with the rack. The seller had a bad "white" charger & so the bike hasn't been run in years. I used my TF M750X charger on the bike & I'm gett'n around 3 miles before it shut down. But it's a hoot to get 25mph (40kph) & 30+mph (48+kph) on the downhill pedaling. I want to increase all the TF's front sprockets to higher teeth for top end exercise.

I'll send you some photos.


miro13car 04-11-11 07:34 AM

I pickup my E+ 1000W kit in Vancouver.
Week ago.
Got tired been overtaken by not even racing bikes on my TF restricted to 500W 32km/h restricted /should be 32 km/h but never saw 32km/h - most I saw on my GPS was 31km/h only momentarly. /
E+ is a rocket, in no time I get to 45km/h , but no so smooth as TF , regen doesn't kick in as smoothly as on TF and it is weaker, I mean regen on braking no adjusted regen
More later

miro13car 04-14-11 07:35 AM

Beauty of E+ is in improved efficiency over TF.
It is obvious because E+ motor/controller is 12 pounds l/!!!!/ lighter than TF motor/controller,
on the exact same streach of road, same size tires, same PSI pumped, E+ uses 10%-15% less Wattshours acording to CAs.
THAT'S agree with observation reported on TF Google forum by example billvon member.
I mounted E+ kit on frame.
Nickel battery might last 3 seasons , but I doubt in third season it is going to reach 30m/hour.
Metalman how is your E+ doing, have you reached 1000miles mark?

morph999 04-14-11 02:58 PM

E+ rocks because it's so easy to lock your bike up. I kind of wish I would have gotten one. I've noticed a 2 mph drop in my crystalyte/thundersky set up this year. Not sure if it was just a headwind or what. I'll have to check it out some more.

Metal Man 04-14-11 04:28 PM

Just passed 1000 miles today. My 15 year old daughter had to stay after school so I gave her a ride home. It's over six miles each way. Pretty sure that's every teenage girl's dream, for dad to pick you up on a bike.
I took my son to a dance at the YMCA on the bike. He said everyone was asking if we don't have a car. :D

morph999 04-14-11 04:35 PM

I'm surprised you are still alive to make the post. Thought she would have killed you. How fast can that go with you and her on it.

Metal Man 04-14-11 07:15 PM

I don't know what it could do on it's own. I just set the cruise for about 20mph and I always pedal.
It's all hills around here.

miro13car 04-15-11 07:12 AM

another beauty of E+ are 9 levels of power, TF has only 2 - NORMAL and Turbo.
aGAIN maybe is sotware issue but my E+ jerks when I realise break lever on regen breaking.
In level 9 it jerks on acceleration also.
But I've never ridden unrestricted TF /X version/ so it might be no so smooth comparing with 500W restricted Canadian model.
NMH battery is heavy as brick and less than 10Ah.
Charging is radiclously slow comparing with my LiFePo pack on my TF .

miro13car 04-20-11 06:56 AM

Can you give us more impression about ride quality, particularly motor behavour.
On accelleration do you feel any jerks from back wheel, whan you apply regen breaking/after batt is 90% used/ do you feel any jerks after releasing brakes?

Metal Man 04-20-11 06:17 PM

I think it's pretty smooth all around. You can feel it when you come off the brakes, but I don't think it's anything abnormal. The only time I've had some jerkiness from the motor is after I had it locked. A few times it would have a chattering to it. I just stop and turn it off and back on again and it's fine.
Are you unlocking it while riding? I think that's when mine would act up.

miro13car 04-20-11 09:25 PM

Thank you Metalman your opinion is very valuable ,
where else to find any E+ owner?
EMS factory closed owners forum for good.
I never lock my E+ if you mean removing display, it is just not good idea because connectors are frigile /Wildrose brand/ beside I would never ever left any bike I own lock up by any lock simply because it has so many accesories on it like computer, lights, Cycle Analizer , pump, etc.
which can be stolen in seconds. I walk my ebikes /own TF ,Merida, E+/ right into shop like Home Depot or Safeway.
My old TF is silky smooth with wonderful regen very well modulated.
E+ brake regen is weaker and I have this slight jerk after releasing brake lever.
Jerks are also slightly prenounced when I press throttle especially in power level 9 also.
I am wondering if this is normal, insome E+ reviews on TF Google forum nobody mentions this.
And I doubt TF owners would not noticed such difference to TF.
So you also feel jerk every time you reliese brake lever /with one batt indicator bar flashing of course/???

Metal Man 04-25-11 12:42 PM

By locking I mean using the buttons on the display. Yes, I would say that you feel a jerk when you release the brake. I would say it's very normal to me. It feels like what it is, an electro magnet providing resistance going right to coasting.

miro13car 04-26-11 07:38 AM

no doubt E+ is more efficient than TF but not so smooth, mechanically very sturdy,torque arm is piece of art, simple and very strong, motor and batt hubs use Japanese double wall sealed bearings and they lasts really.
Wires don't enter motor through axle like cheapo China but have individual holes.
However wheels not trued as good as TF, but quality Alex rims.

miro13car 05-04-11 07:11 AM

Metalman,I sent you private message

Metal Man 05-05-11 07:16 PM

I've got almost 1200 miles on it now. I did a 36 mile trip the other day and brought back some long stuff. I bought an extra hub and have it mounted behind the seat. It makes a goofy bike look even more goofy, but I needed the range.

Allen 05-05-11 08:25 PM

I don't understand the hub behind the seat. How does that work?
Wouldn't you have to lace it up to a rim to use it as a spare?

jethro56 05-05-11 08:39 PM

E+ bikes use the front hub as a battery container. I think he has two batteries.

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