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nostalgic 02-06-13 10:19 PM

AOWA Electric Bicycle with no warranty?
I am thinking about purchasing an AOWA electric bicycle. It's a 72v, 20 amp (70 mile range). The cost is $1050.00 plus tax. I have test-driven the bikes at this company before. On the lot, they are road-ready and I absolutely love them. However, the bikes do not come with a warranty.

Do you think it's not worth purchasing?

I'd like a bike just like these, but with a warranty. I have no clue where else I can find them.

Any ideas are welcome!

FMB42 02-07-13 06:55 AM

I can't find much of anything about this company on the Internet.

By saying that you've "test-driven the bikes at this company before" do you mean that you've visited this company in China, or are you saying that you visited a US based retailer that sells these bikes? If you test drove the bike at a business here in the US than I would probably look elsewhere (most US e-bike and e-bike kit retailers offer a manufacturer's and/or retailer's warranty of some kind).

Meanwhile, e-bike warranties can be very "iffy" when you're dealing directly with a foreign business while living here in the US. Not all foreign companies cover the shipping costs related to component returns (which can be both very expensive and time consuming when dealing with say a company in China). Also keep in mind that, like all products, miss-use and/or abuse of an e-bike can void any warranty claims that you may have. Some companies will, rightly or wrongly, use this "miss-use/abuse" as means of not honoring any warranty that they may have offered at the time of sale (regardless of whether or not you miss-used or abused the bike).

Btw, the 70 mile range you mention sounds like a stretch to me...

Anyway, you might take a look at the E-Moto line of electric bikes (which are, iirc, sold at Sears, etc, etc).


MusiCALpuLLtoy 03-12-13 04:08 AM

They are a ripoff! I payed $800 for a bike that started falling apart on the way home. I had to go around it and tighten bolts and screws. It came with defective batteries. THEY WOULD NOT REPLACE THEM. (another $245) The battery charger sold with them is supose to shut itself off, they dont, thus over charging and destroying the batteries. (they (phoenix produce) will tell you to turn it off after 6 hours) The metal they are made out of is of inferior quality, avoid bumps in the road.
Too late for you probably. BEWARE

powell 03-12-13 12:37 PM

This is your typical China scooter type ebike
built to Chinese standards, not to Western standards.
It screams cheap, cheap
Do not let them to mislead you!!
China brands are good at getting those shiny plasic pieces on those ebikes/scooters which mislead people that they are quality products.
Get real
For this kind of scooter /ebike it would have to cost 3000-4000 dollars to have reliable electric drive and decent components

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