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ammodave 03-02-13 11:42 AM

Replacement charger for lithium ion battery
I recently ordered some ebike parts from BMS Battery including a 36v 10.4ah lithium ion battery with an included EMC-120 charger. Unfortunately, I failed to specify the input voltage for the charger so the order form defaulted to an input voltage of 200v-264v. I'm trying to contact BMS to get the order changed but that may not be successful. Is it possible to change the input voltage on this charger after I receive it? Alternatively, is there a reasonably priced charger available in the US to substitute for the EMC-120? The EMC-120 puts out 42v at 2.5a.

liksmuzic 03-04-13 12:43 AM

Just a guess here, based on past experience in electronics. Somewhere on the outside,
or the inside of the charger, there should be a switch/suitcase jumper/or jumpered pins
that will allow you to pick the input voltage of the charger. I looked at the website,
and I think I was looking at the right charger, the one for $189.00, right?
Do you have the charger, or are you waiting for it to be delivered?
Maybe the information might be in a user manual that hopefully comes with it.

ammodave 03-04-13 10:27 AM

The charger is part of a pkg that includes a 36v battery. I haven't received it yet. Hopefully, you are correct and it's simply a matter of flipping a switch on the charger to change the input voltage (and changing the plug).

FMB42 03-04-13 11:28 AM

I too would guess that there is an input voltage selector switch (the BMS website isn't exactly clear about this tho...).

Otherwise, you could possibly use a "step-up power transformer" similar to the Power Bright VC500W unit show in the link below:

ammodave 03-11-13 09:12 AM

Thanks for another possible solution. I haven't received the charger yet; I contacted BMS and asked them to correct my mistake so, hopefully, they will. My order is still in the "checking" status so I'm still waiting.

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