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thechidz 03-10-13 04:16 PM

anyone heard of ride green usa?
they are sold on ebay by a company in brooklyn the bikes look really nice, have a few good reviews (feedback) and are affordable. Thanks!

thechidz 03-10-13 07:40 PM


thechidz 03-10-13 08:52 PM

I am also considering the [h=2]ezip Adult Skyline Low Step 26"[/h]

bluegoatwoods 03-11-13 08:02 AM

I can't say a thing about ride green usa. It's the first time I've heard of them.

But if you're considering an electric bike, then the Curries are definitely worth your while. There are 'flashier' e-bikes out there. But at least some of them can't be counted on staying in production very long and they tend to be a bit overpriced. And there are inexpensive other e-bikes to be found but, once again, you can't be sure of even getting parts in the future.

Currie seems to be more like the 'chevrolet' of the e-bike world. Almost boiler-plate bikes. But they've been around a while and likely will be around when you need them again.

thechidz 03-11-13 01:42 PM

here is the fleabay link

what I really like is how the bike looks solid and comfortable and looks more like a scooter than a bike. Also the 48v 22ah motor is way more powerful than the curries. I guess since theyre relatively close I could ask to take a test ride

ammodave 03-11-13 10:21 PM

It looks more like a moped than a bicycle. There is no mention of the batteries so I assume it's lead acid. From the appearance I'm guessing it's also heavy (over 100lbs). You might want to ask a few questions about batteries, overall weight, etc. before you get too emotionally invested.

Allen 03-12-13 12:23 AM

I question that range too. I would guess it would be closer to 15 miles than 60.

bluegoatwoods 03-16-13 07:43 PM

It does look like a nice bike, I gotta admit. That's if it's built stoutly enough. And that's a pretty big 'if' at that price.

And I question the 60 mile range as well. In fact, I simply don't believe it. I think someone just pulled that out of thin air. It would take a hundred pounds of batteries to move a bike that far.

But if you're local and can see and touch one before you buy, then I'd go ahead and do that. If I had faith in the construction of the bike, I'd consider that, say, a 15 mile bike at a reasonable price.

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