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cedricbosch 03-22-13 12:28 PM

Bypassing speed limiter electronically
Hi guys. I recently bought a Stromer and I am loving it. But the 20mph speed restriction is really bugging me. When the bike hits 20mph it has so much more to give, and I'd like to be able to get a few more MPH out of it.

So, for those of you who are electrically inclined, do you know how hub motors in general measure speed? I think if I can trick the computer into thinking it's going slower than it actually is, that should do the trick. Is there a "speed" wire coming out of the motor that sends a signal pulse to the controller, for example? If that's the case it would be easy to make an inline gadget that slowed down that pulse to a percentage of its original frequency.

Just thinking out loud here. Any suggestions?

350htrr 03-22-13 07:35 PM

Don't really know about your bike but mine is the same and I don't like it. The only thing I have found that might/probably would work on my bike is changing the size of the wheel programing, which I will, in a few weeks when I get it out of storage for this years worth of riding ...

Scaliboy62 03-23-13 05:30 AM

I believe if you modify the controller by cutting something called a shunt it's like a bare wire that's what controls the speed.
be carefull though, if you cut the wrong wire your bike will become " hot " you will complete the electricity's ground & fry :)

cleanoldman 11-21-13 08:02 PM

Could find not much on the web. With some tinkering, this is what I've discovered:

Enter code "3773" and set the speed to "90" - you will easily surpass the 20 MPH limit in POWER mode.

Enter code "3775" and set the speed to "90" - it will increase the limit to 20 MPH in BOOST mode.

Now you'll wish you had 27 gears.

Happy flying!

opimax 11-23-13 09:06 AM

But I do have 27 speeds! you have an Elite then? do you have any other codes?


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