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newridenewme 03-26-13 07:57 AM

igo urban electric
Does anyone know anything about this bike.

ammodave 03-26-13 03:40 PM

I'm not nearly knowledgeable enough to offer an opinion but it certainly looks interesting. Maybe a link will spur some discussion.

powell 03-26-13 05:22 PM

This ebike is powered by LiPolymer battery?
Very bad choice of battery chemistry for ebike.
I would never touch such ebike let along riding with fire bomb behind my back.
Just Google "LiPolymer fires" if you don't believe me.
Chemistry is a chemistry no matter how careful it might happen and how many protections you are going to build into charger.
How ofen do you hear about people putting LiFePo chemistry battery in fireplace, ceramic pot, ammo box etc. ??? NEVER.

chvid 03-26-13 07:24 PM

Powell...I believe "Lithium polymer" is often used <incorrectly> as a euphemism for any lithium chemistry battery such as LiMn, LiFP04, or LithiumCobalt (what is typically a LIPO battery in RC applications). The ambiguous terminology obscures matters - you really need to ask "what is the actual chemistry of the battery", not "is it called Lithium polymer in an advert". Calling it lithium polymer doesn't tell me anything about how safe the battery is. I'd bet you these ones are LiMn chemistry. Lithium Cobalt are the dangerous ones. You are right that those batteries are very dangerous.

newridenewme 03-26-13 07:55 PM

i have this bike but am not that happy with it.

powell 03-26-13 09:37 PM

I mean and manufacturer means popular meanining of "Lithium Polymer" used by RC hobby whithout going more into theorethical details to make it complicated.
For sure Lithium Polymer does not contain Iron Phosphate of LiFePo cells.
shortly whatever "Lithium Polymer" exactely means,
by popular meaning it is dangerous type.

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