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tgreene 11-04-13 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Kilted (Post 16217137)
Does any one know what country Specialized country dodw ' cl ' is?

The Specialized Turbo S 2014 is listed as $4.499.000


Looks like cl is Chile; check out the country at the bottom of this page:

Perhaps the $ sign denotes another currency, but certainly not the Chilean peso (1 USD = 500 pesos).

On another note, it looks like the 2014s are available in Europe and they have MUCH bigger batteries:


Kilted 11-11-13 10:48 PM


Thanks for the links.

The Turbo looks great and I like the feel riding it. But I'm afraid the price put me off like some many others. I did get me thinking about what I wanted. And surprise I came up with portability, a bike that I could easily put in the back of my SUV. So I went with a Montague Paratrooper Pro, later I plan on adding a Falco emotor either a 500w or 750w motor with 36v 11a bottle battery. The whole thing will cost $3-3.2K. Yup I looked at bike racks both inside and hung on the back door. The Montague was so easy compared to anything else.


thomper 11-23-13 10:50 PM

Hello, I bought a Specialized Turbo and it perfect for what I wanted and expected. I have had it about a month and have really enjoyed it for fun rides on the bike paths and around the neighborhood. No issues so far. It is cool that you can see from your heart monitor you can get in a great workout but go a lot faster. My wife really likes because she can easily keep up when we go for rides together.

powell 11-23-13 11:12 PM

did you tried/owned other ebikes???
Your review would make much more sense if you compared riding experience with other cheaper ebikes.
There is one on this forum who claimed he built "specialized turbo"-like DIY ebike. :lol:
What is your comment.

15rms 11-25-13 08:28 AM

Talking to Petes Electric Bikes in Boulder Colorado. They claim to be the distributor to the electric hub system that powers the Specialized Turbo. I cannot find the system on their web site however did ride a demo model at their show room. A little pricy hower it has a 15 amp battery.

thomper 11-25-13 07:57 PM

Powell, yes I did. I tried the stromer and neo models while visiting in Laguna Beach. I much preferred the Specialized Turbo. It rode more like a normal bike to me. The quality seemed far superior. It was more expensive but I like it so much more I spent the extra money to GET WHAT I WANTED. Some people are happy with chevy's or Prius and some people like Porsches. They both do the same things basically. It was not that hard of choice to me, because I fell in love with the Turbo.

powell 11-25-13 11:29 PM

To me it is all in riding experience.
Cars is good analogy.
Three cylinder bare bone Geo Metro gets you from point A to point B. With noise and rattle.
For me quality and riding experience is everthing.
And I ride in sweltering heat and in freezing winters.

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