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beatfromthesun 10-19-13 01:28 PM

first e bike help needed
ok so ive got around 1k to spend, and its either going to be a conversion added to my existing bike (carrera subway, hybrid 20), with a oxygen oxydrive installed or a Momentum upstart.

Obviously theres pros and cons to each

If anyone has any idea, which bike would be better for - speed, hill climbing etc? I have cyatica so i need e help! The momentum appeals as its light but it has no
throttle like the oxydrive would. Both are similar prices and im still not decided if a road bike would be better for me over a hybrid. Any advice appreciated!

Ypedal 12-11-13 07:02 AM

your location ? Terrain ? ( hills, fairly flat, etc ) , your weight , desired range per ride, how fast do you want to go ? those are all factors needed to assist you in this decision.

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