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hrfilm 11-13-13 01:35 PM

Mike G
I am 77 years old and have been riding horses and bikes since I was 5. My favorite all-time bike was my beloved Fat Chance and I did a lot of 50's and 100's. The boring stuff is years later, I had a back operation, made necessary from enthusiastically lifting lots of heavy stuff and I'm now riding an eMoto Ridge 3. However, I have my eye on a Haike Exduro FS RX 27.5 bike with the Bosch drive. I'm waiting for the Haike to be put on sale in the US. While I am waiting for the wisdom that age is supposed to bring, I welcome the wisdom from you folks in the forum.

10 Wheels 11-13-13 02:02 PM

Hello Mike,

Welcome to Bike Forums from a 71 y/o Texas road rider.

Post in here for help. Don't know how wisdom you will get, but we is all old.

Lacumo 11-13-13 04:22 PM

Welcome to BF!

hrfilm 11-19-13 04:56 PM

Does anybody have experience with the chain ring drive. I keep hearing that it has the most efficiency and the best torque. We have a hill that is 6.5 miles long and I'm looking for a little better assistance than my 250 w hub drive. I'm interested in the Bosch 3.8 w chain ring drive.

Mike G

no1mad 11-19-13 05:58 PM

Moved from Introductions.

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