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Scaliboy62 11-23-13 09:25 PM

Pulled the trigger on a Pedego City Commuter today stay tuned for a review..
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I moved from Long Island to Florida west coast last week to help my parents out as dad's turning 90 in a couple months & mom needed help so I sold everything including my Mipower bike to simplify the move.
I anguished over my decision of which brand of e-bike to buy, another Mipower, a Stromer maybe, Kettler you name it & I considered it & for 3k ish which is a decent budget for a good bike. I went with the City Commuter because of it's specs & looks & fine reviews not to mention Pedego has very good customer service from my research.
The bike is a real looker, I opted for the black one with the 15 AH upgrade, 36volts 400 watts.
Bikes got a small geared Dapu hub motor with no complicated controllers to blow, looks like a regular bike more then any E-bike I've ever seen as the motor's the same size as the freewheel & a set of panniers over the battery will really conceal the fact it's an E-Bike . The wheels are 700c with Fat Frank Schwalbe tires & frame is 20 " big bike it's a 29er , also has the BB7 brakes which I love.
It's pedal assist or thumb throttle, cool computer odometer, speedo battery monitor display unit . Also a head light/tail light that runs off the battery. These Pedegos have all re-designed back racks & slide in locking batteries for 2013/14 & this bike can easily be made into a hybrid which is my plan down the road.
Time will tell, I fell in love with this bike when they first came out, my last bike I put 6k miles in a years time on & after some bugs & tweaks it found a great grove & was a well made Taiwanese bike so it's going to be interesting to see if this Pedego can handle my routine:) heres a picture

15rms 11-25-13 10:34 AM

Nice looking bike and seems like a good choice. Will be interested in hearing your review expecially range statistics.

powell 11-26-13 06:20 AM

just for reliability record.
what millage you get on Mipower before selling?
Did you cross 10,000miles.
Any more problems with Mipower before selling?

Scaliboy62 11-26-13 09:10 AM

1 Attachment(s) 15rms, I cant wait to try it, she's in transit to me now.
Powell, the MiPower was a great bike & was still getting around 30 miles a charge @ over a year old with 6k or so miles on the clock. The bike was holding up well but not perfect, got flats every 700 miles on average { maybe thats common with most ** I went through about 5 saddles, she loved to flatten the rails. But it was in a nice groove & I hope I dont regret not buying another.
I wanted to try a geared motor , bigger bike that looked less like an e-bike & love the looks of this City Commuter model { not to mention bike is fast I hear !** . There's many reviews out there, Amazon it gets 5 stars, it's been in production over a year & I spoke to a couple owners & they all seem to really like the bike still even a year later with decent miles clocked so I know it's not junk..
Theres a lot more that played into my decision I wont bore you with, the MiPower is kinda small for me with it's 17" frame , the UM motor's a PIA to change flats as it's heavy, the list goes on but this City Commuter is hard to resist !

AdrianFly 12-04-13 08:16 PM

The battery is on the rear rack! That makes riders pull wheelies and results in balance issues. The kids tell me that having the battery on the rear rack is "old school" and that it needs to be centered in the middle of the bike!

I've got an idea.. just install a front rack and keep about the same weight as the battery in the front! Problem solved!

Scaliboy62 12-05-13 06:53 AM

I'm open to all tweaks & ideas down the road, one thing good about the rear rack design is quick battery removal, it slides in & out locks with a key. I believe this particular design { as well as juiced Riders bikes & other brands ** that make them good is the rack is integrated & welded into the frame , they have a rat trap built in on top so they're weight bearing to a certain degree for panniers as well. Also this bike uses a small & light geared rear motor so that makes for less weight back there ..My bike is being delivered today I ordered it on Nov 23rd so that's 12 days { long wait ** to be fair I did order it on a Saturday the week before Thanksgiving, these bikes ship from Irvine Cali & Pedego ship's them like twice a week it seems ..

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