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Scaliboy62 11-27-13 06:21 PM

Juiced Riders Version 3 , 48 V & 22 AH whoa !
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These guys are serious, if this version 3 was available right now I may have pulled the trigger on this last week instead of the City Commuter, they are taking pre orders for Jan 2014 delivery. I dont love the styling it's not ugly but with specs like this I would learn to love it. They get good reviews bike 75 mile range with pedaling 48 volt power & hydraulic brakes & many more improvements over last years model..

chvid 12-03-13 10:05 PM

I had a rear Bafang on my Cattrike running 48v Headway - it was very torquey but the low top end speed in the 20" rear wheel was too low for me. I switched it out for 2805 Nine Continent direct drive hub which is considerably quieter and much faster - getting me to around 30mph instead of 22mph with the Bafang. I think the motor on this would be better in a 26" wheel, unless its all about torque, which is conceivable on this cargo bike. I love the form factor of the bike though....good balance with the batteries on the back and the motor on the front.

Scaliboy62 12-04-13 11:48 AM

Yeah I think the cargo bike design is what they are shooting for with the front wheel drive & smaller wheels & low center of gravity. I believe the company has good customer service & well run from what I've been reading ..but with the 22AH 48V battery what range she must have & torque. Looks like one of the better Chinese made bikes . your Cattrike must be a lot of fun running 30mph with that direct drive hub, 2805 Nine Continent..gonna check into this brand now..:thumb:

chvid 12-04-13 06:46 PM

Yes...the trikes (Catrike and Actionbent) are very sweet to ride - I've put 9000 miles on the AB in just over two years now, the Catrike is a bit sportier and faster as well, but I like the cadillac Actionbent with the larger 26" wheel - that's equivalent to the Performer JC70 trike you can get from Taiwan. The best place to get the equivalent of the high speed wind 9Cs is from - a British guy in China...good supplier, and can tell you the expected speeds of the various winds, as I recall. You do need the high speed versions of those motors, in the smaller wheels. Grin/ doesn't carry the 9Continents any more except for a few leftover 9C 2806, which are wound appropriately for 26" wheels.

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