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davey67 12-03-13 06:00 PM

Reliable source for electric bike conversion kits?
Does anyone know of where to buy the front wheels with an electric motor in it?

I looked on Ebay and mostly everything is from Hong Kong and looks rather shady. Their Ebay seller rating was 83% (very low!) and I saw some comments from people that got ripped off as well. The only other thing I found on Ebay was a company here in America but they seemed rather shady as well. Also these kits never include a battery!

Anyone know a reliable source for such?

powell 12-03-13 11:03 PM

Have a look at FALCO drive kit.
It can be used as front or rear drive.
FALCO stands out in two aspects:
-was designed by USA design company , is manufactured in India /home country of lead engineer/ .
-is offered with the best warranty in ebike industry - FIVE years, hard to believe but that is true.
If you look for reliable , super efficient, silent, super smooth, very exercise friendly drive kit so you must have look at FALCO.
i RIDE 2 drives designed in that design company - Eplus and Tidal force ebikes
I tried FALCO.


dilkes 12-04-13 06:37 AM

I have had good experience with my geared front-wheel kit from:

Based out of Pennsylvania.

They do sell kits with batteries included, but I purchased my battery separately.

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