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scorch 12-20-13 05:12 PM

Electric bike kit for a 700c wheel
Im tryiing to convert my old nishiki royale into an electric bike. Its a road bike and has 700c wheels. I can only find kits for 26" and 28" wheels. But none for 27". Most of the kits i see are on mountain bikes or foldale bikes. Has anyone done a road bike conversion? Im looking for a kit at about 400$. And able to do 25 miles on the batteries for commuting.

Thank you

scorch 12-20-13 05:15 PM

Are these kits reliable? They kind of look like they would break at anytime. There have been some electric motorcycle on the market that seem to be of high quality too. nd i ride a motorcycle to work each day, and would like to see if i can save some money by commuting by electric bike. Specially in the winter when i hate pedaling in the morning.

Ypedal 12-20-13 06:27 PM

More expensive, but certainly a better kit !.. from a vendor you can trust.

dilkes 12-21-13 08:46 PM

The geared kit I have on my 700C front wheel.

Works well for me. Mine is the previous generation and I bought the battery separately.

johnin 12-22-13 10:02 AM

Second the Ezee kit from - I've had one on a touring bike for a few years - no problems.

PatrickGSR94 01-08-14 08:40 AM

What about this Leaf Bike site? Just came across this today, 700c wheel kits for under $300.


chas58 01-10-14 10:13 AM

You have to be careful what you ask for.

Most current wheels are 26" (mountain) or 700c (road). 700c is sometimes called a 29" wheel (29" wheel generally is a 700c wheel used on a mountain bike.).

Of course mountain bikes have gone crazy with 26" 27.5" and 29" wheels. And of course, these numbers are NOT the size of the wheel

27" wheel is NOT a 700c wheel, but an old school wheel like 1980's Schwinn bikes.

I assume (?) you have a 27" wheel? There is not much difference between a 27" wheel and a 700c wheel as far as the frame is concerned. The tires naturally are not interchangeable. But, if there are not tight clearances on your frame, and a little adjustment in the reach of the brake pads, you can generally put a 700c wheel on a bike designed for a 27" wheel. And yeah, there are 700c wheels with a hub motor around. I got one from

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