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Toodaloo 01-17-14 03:39 AM

Identify an Electric Bicycle "Electrobike"
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Hey Ya'll-
I have an "Electrobike". It's an Old-Skool Retro thing. I've been across the entire web 5 times and cannot find any info on it at all. I was hoping I could see if anyone here may recognize it. Maybe tell me something of the Manufacturer, Model, or anything whatsoever. The only identifying markings I can find on it are what you see in the photos. "Electrobike" on the side of the battery and "EB" above the warning sticker.

I can tell you the battery charger is a: Model: 36C3 - In-110VAC/60Hz Out-36VDC (post+ / sleeve-)

Would appreciate any direction toward value, service manual, ... well, just anything.

And I apologize if I'm not posting this correctly. I feel like I'm posting in the middle of an existing thread and not starting a separate topic. Forum protocols are all different. If admin wants to bump this to the right spot, please do. I'll find it.

Thank You!

Image of "Electrobike":

no1mad 01-17-14 05:53 AM

Split this from the "Questions about Electric Bikes" thread.

Welcome to the Forums :)

G1nko 01-19-14 08:46 PM

It's not much, but a quick search popped up this

ELECTROBIKE is an Domestic Stock business incorporated in California, USA on January 25, 2000. Their business is recorded as Suspended. It is not part of a group. The company was incorporated 14 years ago.

Business Address
Marcus Hays
674 SO. AVENUE 21
CA 90031

Marcus Hays is the cofounder of PiMobility, so it looks like you might have a predecessor to the Picycle. This is from his LinkedIn page

August 1998 – January 2000 (1 year 6 months)

Established joint-venture with China's 137th largest company, Suzhou Machinery Holding Co Inc. Secured direct capital investment from SMH and subsequently facilitated North American launch of 'Electrobike" brand products with distribution via Toronto, Canada-based Roots, Inc. Left company to form PiMobility.

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