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mgurtzweiler 01-24-14 08:12 PM

BionX G2 controller on a road bike
Picked up one of the new 2014 BionX kits (the S350DX) and the controller mounts / throttle are all made for 25mm or so bars and I've got some 31.8mm road bars.

Anyone have a creative setup? I figure an accessory bar for the controller but I'm trying to figure out something creative for the throttle. Maybe mod the right hood or something.

mgurtzweiler 01-29-14 07:48 AM

So there was no way the throttle would fit anywhere on the road bike bars.. they are just a few MM too large. The controller might fit some smaller bars but not 31.8mm bars.

So i found a bit of leftover coper pipe in my basement that was the PERFECT size. Drilled some holes, used some zip ties and everything is center mounted and snug. I'll probably get an accessory bar at some point but for now this will do. Plus the throttle button is nice and close when hands are on the tops for some extra hill climb assistance if needed.

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