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Quemal 02-04-14 11:56 AM

Karma 38
Needless to say, I am unfamiliar with electric bikes, but, I am looking into purchasing one It's called the: Carbon Fiber Electric Mountain Bike 'Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle' sold by (don't laugh) On the down tube is written "38 Karma", there is also a bike listed as 42 Karma. Does anyone know anything about this bike?

opimax 02-07-14 10:20 AM

I have seen it on ebay, went to the manufactures (st something) web site. I also noted it was sold by multiple people or dealers, that didnt impress me. There is not a whole lot of info available. i was concerned about the electronics bike seems ok. I would also go for the 42 for the bigger battery. If it was local dealer /manufacture i would feel more comfortable. They are in FL I believe... My 2 cents


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