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Singa 02-05-14 05:28 PM

Is this kit legit?
Hello, I want to make my bicycle into an E-Bike.

I was wondering if this kit is legit?

I'm new in that topic..

Folsomjack 02-05-14 07:45 PM

What kit????

EBikeFL 02-05-14 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by Folsomjack (Post 16471312)
What kit????

The "this" in Singa's post is hyperlinked. I almost missed it and asked the same question. :lol:

Singa, where are you located? What country? How (fast, to work, etc.) and where (flat, hilly, etc.) do you currently ride your bicycle? What brand is your bicycle? Answers to these questions will be very helpful to the forum in assisting you. :thumb:

Lanovran 02-05-14 11:50 PM

We had a customer bring in a kit like that to the shop where I work, looking to get it installed on a new bike. Since then, he's been doing all right for the most part, but he's seen some broken spokes, unnecessary flats, and other problems due to the weight of that thing and the cheap quality of the wheel itself (seriously, the thing is heavy as blazes!).

Singa 02-06-14 11:32 PM

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I live in Israel, I ride my bicycle every day to work and back. I have 2 bikes, I am using a GT one, and I have a Becidan one at home which I would like to try get the an e-bike kit for.



Lanovran: I don't think the weight is a problem.
Net weight 6 kilos
Maximum load 90 kilos

I weight 66 ^^

I can order only from the internet because in my country they don't do those conversions in shops

EBikeFL 02-07-14 01:25 AM

Well, if I were you I would put the kit on the GT. In the long run, the GT would be able to handle the additional stresses.

The GT also has disk brakes...hydraulic from the looks of it.

I can't tell from the picture if the GT's rear dropout has holes to carry a bicycle rack for the battery. If it does then you could use a seat collar that has holes for the bicycle rack to attach to it. If not, then you could always hang it off the top tube.

If you're going to order a kit off the internet then go with the Papamotor kit. They have excellent service and several members here have their hub motors and Ping battery setup.

Both your bikes have dirt tires. If you ride your bikes on the street then you'll want to switch your tires as well for better performance.

I could continue for several pages but have a look at the Papamotor thread first:

There are also members with other kits. Have a look at their threads and ask us questions. We'll help you find the right kit. :thumb:

The GT picture has what looks like stairs. If you lift your bike up and down stairs remember you're going to have a lot more weight to carry with an e-bike kit.

Singa 02-07-14 03:26 AM

Yes, I want to order some "road" tires, what do you think about those: "Click Me"

Singa 02-07-14 04:33 AM

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Also the pictures I posted are from google, this is my actual bike:

The front brakes are hydraulic, the rear brakes are mechanic.
Which wheel should I get? I think rear is better. I'll measure the fork distance once I get home (I am at work)

EBikeFL 02-07-14 10:05 PM

Singa, all your current questions are answered in the Papamotor thread. Start at the end of the thread and work back. The link to those tires are tires for indoor riding. The tires and tire setup you want are listed within the first three pages starting from the last page. :thumb:

Ypedal 02-08-14 04:59 PM

if you go 48v, get a REAR wheel, not a front.

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