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Wishes 03-13-14 05:27 AM

Winter Ebike on tracks
Got fed up of waiting for our winter to end and ride my ebike. So I took matters into my own hands. Here is what I did to my mid-drive Kona.


EBikeFL 03-13-14 06:38 AM

Incredible! :thumb: How about a video of your e-bike riding in the snow? ;)

Wishes 03-13-14 06:48 AM

I just took it out now for the first time! Wow what an experience, it definately does not feel like riding a bike. I the snow packed streets that have been scrapped by the city, it is slippery. I have to tone down the power, cause if I throttle it too much and spin the back wheel, it slides out to the left or right. It runs more stable on a small layer of loose snow. The tension on both my primary and secondary reductions was not tight enough on my test run. So i cut it short. Going to have to do some more adjustments.

I'll try and get a video together today :)


EBikeFL 03-13-14 06:52 AM

Nice! I found the Ktrak website(s) but don't see a price. What do these kits go for ($)?

Here's the Ktrak video page: Página oficial KtraK España Portugal Andorra

We would still like to see you riding your setup. :)

Wishes 03-13-14 06:56 AM

You can find some on ebay. Around $700 USD.

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