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Aushiker 03-30-14 02:15 AM

Battery Bag Options
I am in the processing of converting one of my recumbent bikes over to e-assist, either the Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT or a my LoGo P-38 (see thread here).

Anyway on aspect I need to sort out is a battery bag for the battery. If I go with the Bacchetta the battery will be mounted on a rear rack, but with the LoGo P-38 will need to be hung off the side of the left pannier rack (these are low down besides the rear wheel). I am chasing suggestions on battery bags. I have found a few but if anyone has other recommendations or thoughts on what I have found please do share.

The battery that I plan to use, a EM3EV 50V 14.5Ah measures 203mm x 138mm x 75mm

Big Ole Bag

I found the Big Ole Bag but that is really too big at least for the LoGo P-38

Canvas Battery Bag

Smaller and suitable for the Bacchetta and maybe doable on the LoGo but again on the big size.

Trunk Bag

What would have been idea is the Trunk Bag but it is too small for my planned battery :(

So if you have any suggestions, I am all eyes :)


fietsbob 04-04-14 05:42 PM

Consider : Sewing something your self? Or Hiring it done.

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