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nazar7 04-08-14 02:59 AM

advice - new ebike DIY project
a few questions

i currently have a ebike 36v 800w - debating if i should pull the battery off (lipo4 - i can get 40km towing a child) this one to use on the new one, or upgrade to a 48v ?? any opinions?

ok, here is what i have, a duel suspension pushbike (good for conversion) disk brakes, 9 gears on the rear wheel.

what i want - a good conversion kit (and a rear hub - probably have less gears)
i absolutely need - excellent feedback on battery remaining power/speed/distance traveled.
someone mentioned to me a crystinine kit (i think) when i did my first one, wish i had taken the advice now for my first one :(

can anyone recommend a kit or a hub - it would make it sooo much easier for me if i had a few names thrown at me :D:thumb:

G1nko 04-08-14 06:36 AM

You might want to skip over to Endless Sphere and read some of the stickies and archives there. The e-bike board here can be sorta quiet. Things are a little more lively over there, though I do find the discussions can be a little off the deep end, tech-wise.

If you're looking for feedback on battery power remaining, amp hours consumed/remaining, human watt-hours contributed, speed, distance, etc, then you really can't get any better than a Cycle Analyst v3. I have a BionX kit on one bike and a DIY set up on another with a Cycle Analyst. The CAv3 is hands-down the best I've seen for providing detailed reams of data about your battery and your ride.

Also, that said, I'm not an expert, nor do I play one on TV, but have you considered swapping your battery out for a 48v and going the over-volting route? My DIY has a 36v 250w geared front hub motor. My original battery was 36v and performance was just abysmal. I swapped the battery out for a 48v setup and haven't looked back. The motor is faster, sips juice more efficiently, and is just much happier running at 48v than 36v. For me, overheating hasn't been an issue, but then it hasn't gotten above 55F here since November.

nazar7 04-09-14 05:22 AM

Thanks gindo cycle analyst v3 sounds exactly what i was looking for

i did consider swapping my current diy to the new bike - but really i wanted to make changes to make it a better setup eg. rear wheel and cycle analyst
it is funny you mentioned the battery, my battery has been excellent, heaps of torque and power until the safety cut off protects the battery - i got a much bigger battery at the time i bought it (still 36V but i can't remember how big lipo4)
would be interested in keeping the battery but i assume a 48v system is much better?

i will take your advice and go to endless sphere :) thanks

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