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grindz145 05-07-14 03:12 PM

Electric Bicycle Survey - Chance to win $50 Amazon Giftcard
The deal:
Fill out the survey here!: Ebike Survey | Troy Rank . Electronics . Bikes . Adventure

The survey is 5-10 minutes, and should be kind of fun if you're at all interested in ebikes, motorbikes, EVS, Pizza, living forever, etc... The progress bar is pessimistic and it goes faster than it really suggests.

As part of my graduate thesis I'm collecting data on (you guessed it) the ebike market. As a member of this forum you are undoubtedly a highly influential maven of the electric bike revolution, and I need your input!

The Perks:
In the interest of soliciting as big a response as possible I am giving away one $50 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky survey entry (who includes their email in order to be notified). My graduate adviser suggested this instead. I am making NO MONEY on this project, it is purely an ACADEMIC project. I am of course very interested to raise the tide on the ebike revolution.

Open Source:
After the results are tabulated and analyzed, the full report data will be open sourced and posted here. E-mails and any personal data will obviously not be shared.

Please give it a shot and let me know what you think. I will be eternally grateful. I'm super excited to see electric bikes really get traction.

Thank you!

knurly 07-25-14 11:55 PM

Ahhh, your thread is getting old, I found it on page 2.
I like pizza and your marketing ploy, but i don't like links. If I'm the market, I am underpaid and find ebikes by chance. I see no easy way to share the road with young punks driving around the blocks, up and down the avenues, throttling oversize pickup trucks, recreating while while searching for a muffler. You might get more activity on your thread if you start a fresh one to promote writing to senators and congress to increase fuel tax on such luxurious bastards as I've mentioned.

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