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Blade-Runner 06-19-14 12:10 PM

Electric Hub On Tandem
I've been thinking about buying an electric hub motor for our tandem. One of the systems I'm looking at is the BionX S350 DX. The reason why is to help us with the longer climbs out here in Las Vegas and to help keep us keep up with riders on single bikes. My wife is more of a recreational rider and I'm a CAT 1 XC and CAT 4 road rider. I'm thinking the added power would make riding the tandem more enjoyable for both of us.

Has anyone else installed an electric hub motor on thier tandem(s)? Any recommendations and your thoughts would be helpful.

350htrr 06-19-14 01:37 PM

My first instinct is to say that a 350W hub motor probably won't help enough to be worth it... But that depends on how much help you are actually expecting out of it... JMO

Aushiker 06-19-14 06:54 PM

Not a hub motor build but a mid-drive build. Might give you some ideas or useful information.


Blade-Runner 06-20-14 08:48 AM

Good idea, but with a tandem the mid-drive would have to be mounted to the captain's bottom bracket and be left side drive. I don't know if there are left side drive m-d-drives. If the mid-drive was mounted to the strocker's bottom bracket we'd loose a a chain ring.

drbenjamin 06-20-14 01:28 PM

Looking forward to this thread, I have just started researching the same issue. Mid drive is definitely the way to go for tandem hill climbing. Blade-Runner, is it true that left side drive is the only way to mount to the captain BB? I was hoping that the torque would be transmitted through the axle, so that I could use a conventional kit and just put my leftside chainring-crank on. The right hand chainring would not be connected to anything.

Blade-Runner 06-20-14 02:14 PM

I like the Bosch kit, I have no idea what the prices is...

The Bosch eBike System of the Classic+ Line

Blade-Runner 06-20-14 02:21 PM

This would work!

vivax assist 4.0 - vom Bike zum leichten E-Bike

15rms 06-27-14 07:30 AM

I ride a bionx 48 volt system on a long wheel base recumbent. I weigh 205 lbs. Hard to calculate the difference in a tandem with its heavier load to a recumbent. On the recumbent you cannot put much weight into the peddle it is all muscle. So I think on my recumbent the bionx does a lot of work. On level 4 I can get 25 miles. Level 3 gets me farther. I don't think level 2 or 1 will be very noticeable with the weight of a tandem. I would think a bionx would be good for you on rides under 30 miles. After that not much support. Hope that helps.

chvid 06-27-14 09:27 PM

I would keep it simple with a nice rear direct drive brushless hub motor on the back, and dual battery packs under the seat. I have a Nine Continent motor on both a Catrike Road and an Actionbent T1. A Crystalyte motor would be a similar experience, with a bit more polish to the motor. Pretty easy to convert, and I absolutely love both trikes. I've got over 10000 miles on the Actionbent with no problems, and can get close to 30 mph on the flats. With dual battery packs, I've been able to regularly go 60 miles with camping gear in moderately hilly terrain before needing to recharge. I'm a bit leery of the BBS middrives at this point until they are really proven. A geared motor would give you more torque, at the expense of quiet running, and probably a lower level of speed, and a bit less reliability. A direct drive, running sensorless, is almost bulletproof, with lots of cheap controller options.

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