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myersvx 04-25-15 12:41 AM

Phone Mount with Otterbox defender
Hi All,

I am looking for a way to mount my phone to the handlebars of my bike so that I can track my speed, mileage and sometimes use navigation on longer rides. The phone I have is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

There are a couple more things that I am trying to consider when looking for a mount for my phone.
1. I live in Portland Oregon. It rains about 75% of the year here so I need the case to be very water resistant if not waterproof.
2. I work in construction and have an OtterBox Defender on my phone to protect it when it falls 14 feet off of a scissor lift because of my clumsiness.
3. I am hoping to be able to find a waterproof case/mounting system that allows me to keep the otterbox on my phone while it is in the mounted case so that I dont damage the OtterBox by repetedly taking it on and off
4. I am sort of on a budget. I am hoping to find what I need for a price =< $30.

Does anyone know of ANY waterproof phone case/mount that will hold the Note 4 with the defender case on it? And better yet does anyone know of one that I can get fairly inexpensively?

Thanks in advance.

silverado8405 04-26-15 07:01 AM

Zip tie the holster to the stem using the velco cable management ties, carry a ziplock bag when you ride and put it over the phone if it starts raining. Been doing this for two years now and it's been working great for me so far. Meets the $30 budget too.

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